Our editorial planning process grew out of our personal experience as travel agents, travel writers and voracious travelers. We consume tons of travel content: magazines, guidebooks, websites, blogs, industry publications and events.   We scour them all for travel inspiration and ideas, choosing the destinations, places and experiences that appeal to our broad sensibility.

We then query our network of Global Correspondents and industry insiders for their experience, information, tips and contacts, and use those to plan additional research and our own investigative trips.  We evaluate and cross-reference professional reviews and write-ups with user-generated reviews and comments, and search out local experts from our extended social network to add color, commentary and verification to our findings.  We then curate, organize, illustrate and edit the information to best empower your own travel decisions.

The end result is trusted, insider recommendations that should save you hours of research, and make ManAboutWorld the most enjoyable and reliable route between you and the engaging and memorable travel experiences you’re looking for.