Marketing at
the speed of wifi

ManAboutWorld is not a print magazine or a website. It’s a next-generation magazine built as an App so it lives where you do — on your phone. It’s a gorgeous, fully immersive digital canvas that captivates and inspires gay travelers — and presents unique opportunities to reach and engage them.

Print ads are enticing and consumed like content. They allow for enormous creativity, stunning visuals and a broad range of expression, capturing readers’ attention. But they’re not actionable without leaving the magazine environment.

Online ads are interactive but they compete with content. They can be annoying, offensive, and even creepy when re-targeted. But they’re always a click away from buying, friending or requesting more information.

ManAboutWorld offers full-screen mobile engagement with our audience. It’s enticing like print; media-rich and interactive like the web. It’s the best of both, and even most big advertisers haven’t figured it out. We have, and our integrated media services are available to help you conceive and execute your first full-screen mobile ads. So you can position your brand or destination as savvy and forward thinking, while driving consumer transactions and engagement.

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