Unique Demographics

ManAboutWorld is a magazine built for mobile, rendered in gorgeous high-definition with amazing stories, beautiful images and slideshows and compelling video and audio clips. ManAboutWorld readers are the crème de la crème of gay travelers: a rapidly-growing user base of affluent and influential frequent travelers. They’re tech-savvy, early adopters, actively looking for travel information and inspiration.

ManAboutWorld reads like a magazine, but it’s built as an App — providing unique and compelling marketing opportunities that are measured differently, and offer measurable response rates.

Fast Growth and Prominence

ManAboutWorld launched in August 2012 as a premium-priced digital magazine for iPad through the iTunes Newsstand. In its first month, it was selected by Apple to appear under “What’s Hot” and “What’s New” for travel and regional publications. Within 6 months, it had reached the #1 search position on iTunes for Gay Travel, and the top 1% of all travel Apps (#62 out of 14,000 — already ahead of National Geographic!) solely from organic growth. As of fall 2015, we have over 31,000 users in 105+ countries (50% US).  Of these, about 5,000 are subscribers. Non-subscribers have access to our sponsored content, and can buy back issues for specific destination information. And they do – every day. Our issues don’t go “off-sale” until they are at least 3 years old, and most continue to sell well into their second year.

Unique platforms

ManAboutWorld offers familiar messaging vehicles, including email and social media, along with three unique platforms: push notifications, full-screen mobile and direct-to-library distribution.

  • Full-Screen Mobile Marketing
    If your brand or destination story doesn’t fit into 300×50 pixels, full screen mobile is where you need to be. Our marketing programs include
  • Push Notifications
    About 1/4 of our users allow us to send push notifications directly to their device. Access to this messaging is available with partnership programs.  
  • Direct-to-Library Distribution
    Our custom guide program for destinations and select partners puts your marketing materials directly in every user’s library, where it works like a billboard, encouraging users to download and read your sponsored editorial.
  • Email Campaigns
    While our email list is still small (1/6th of our user base), our open rate is an astonishing 30-40%

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