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This year, our northeast corridor tour from DC to Boston landed us in three of the best convention Marriott Hotels

Marriott Hotels in Washington DC, Boston + Philadelphia

Now that Marriott International encompasses 30 brands, many travelers are realizing for the first time that Marriott Hotels are no longer the big beige box next to the convention center. Indeed, some of the most exciting innovation in hospitality was already coming from Marriott before the Starwood merger. Moxy and Edition are as hip as hotels get – even the newest generation Courtyard properties are nothing like your old Regional Sales Manager’s Courtyard (check out Abu Dhabi or Tokyo Station).

And then there are still the big beige boxes next to the convention center. Sometimes they’re unavoidable. When we’re working or presenting at a conference, convenience is the greatest luxury, and that often lands us at a convention hotel. This year, our northeast corridor tour from DC to Boston landed us in three of those. Guess what? They’re not so beige anymore.

Marriott Marquis Washington DC

This year, our northeast corridor tour from DC to Boston landed us in three of the best convention Marriott HotelsNot just next to the convention center, this Marriott is actually connected to it via an underground passageway – super convenient when you’re dragging your display to the convention floor. But the moment you enter the lobby, it’s clear this is a modern, cool space. There’s a lively energy about the place with its soaring atrium and sculpture. The rooms are spacious, bright and contemporary in natural colors, and the fitness center is large and well-equipped. Best of all, the M Club Lounge is open 24/7, with free access for Marriott Rewards Gold and Platinum members. Most Marriott lounges close on the weekends; but this one stays open, with breakfast every morning, and a candy bar during the day, where you can fill little Chinese takeout containers with snacks to keep you going.

Courtyard Philadelphia Downtown

This year, our northeast corridor tour from DC to Boston landed us in three of the best convention Marriott HotelsAlthough Courtyard has roots in suburban, office park locations, this was the first urban Courtyard, housed in an historic building just three blocks from the convention center (and the Reading Terminal Market). The ground floor is landmark protected, but head up to your room and a design surprise awaits. Decked out in masculine colors (dark blue, dark grey), and filled with design flourishes typical of a boutique hotel, the rooms are comfortable and whimsical — a modern interpretation of Colonial elegance. Combined with excellent service and an ideal downtown location, it’s a great choice even without the convention center proximity.

Boston Marriott Copley Place

This year, our northeast corridor tour from DC to Boston landed us in three of the best convention Marriott HotelsCopley Place isn’t the convention center, but it is the heart of Boston, and this hotel is a behemoth in the center of it all, with 1,097 rooms and 47 suites. Remember that classic Marriott décor from the 90’s? Stepping into our room at the Marriott Copley Place brought it back in all its glory. On closer inspection, it’s been updated, with some mid-century modern touches, and… it looks brand new – the hotel is impeccably maintained. Even more gratifying, you’ll find some really smart innovation under that harvest gold veneer. Smart elevators request your floor number before you get in, maximizing transit speed for everyone. Our stay here was our first encounter with Marriott’s “Fresh Bites” room service menu. Gone are the fancy roll-in tray and exorbitant service charges. Fresh, local and packaged to go, Fresh Bites are priced more like the corner deli, and delivered to your room for $5, or picked up at the bar for free. Finally, in-room dining that’s affordable for travelers without expense accounts. And after indulging in a lobster roll, there’s a big indoor pool, jacuzzi and large fitness center to work it off.

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Time to get serious about the holidays. If you procrastinated through Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we’re here to help. Forget the gloves, sweaters and fruit-of-the-month, here are 10 great gay gifts for your great gay friends and family.

For Your Hubby With The Sweet Tooth

For your partner with the sweet tooth, order gourmet marshmallows from 240 Sweet, a lesbian-owned business outside of Indianapolis. With flavors like Bourbon Cinnamon and Rhone Rangers Syrah, he’ll know you’re not vanilla. If you’re local, check out their marshmallow classes.

For That Friend Who Needs a Vase Shaped Like A Weiner

One of our favorite gay couples in New Orleans, Matt and Beau, turned us onto Pansy Ass Ceramics, a hilarious and artisanal queer ceramics movement. Gay-owned, gay-made, and too cute to be true, these original trinkets for your house make for an adorably queer present. 

Big gay holiday gift guide in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

For Those New Gay Mommies and Daddies

Of all the LGBTQ-friendly children’s books that came out this year, none captured our hearts and the cultural zeitgeist quite like I Am Jazz, an uplifting queer-positive story about America’s favorite trans tween. The runner-up prize goes to Santa’s Husband, where Santa is black and married to a white man. It practically sells itself. 

For The Ec0-Friendly Lesbian

Out of Philly, the gay-owned Analog Watch Co. hand-carves these eco-friendly wooden watches and we’re in love. The watches are timeless, classic, and handsome. And for every purchase made they plant a tree!

For The Gays That Just Bought Their First Home

Lesbian-owned Bijou candles out of New York create unique, women-inspired candles. Alaina and Jocelyn’s first collection of candles is named after actresses from the Old Hollywood era. A perfect way to get your friends hooked on a luxury candle habit.

For That Single Gay Friend

What else? The Perfect C*Ring. Perfect Fit has developed the first c*ring sizing system designed to fit you (or him) without too much pull but with enough restriction to be truly effective. Why are you looking at us like that?

For The gay millennial

We were going to say dishes, because the millennial in your life is probably still using his mom’s reject plates. But let’s be real, what they really want is super expensive Bose headphones. And this pair of Soundlink wireless headphones are pretty damn cool.

For The sexy gay cook in your life

If your beau likes to get down in the kitchen, head over to the website of gay-owned Bushwick Kitchen where you can buy all kinds of organic and artisanal honeys, syrups, spices, totes, towels and kitchenware. They even have pre-arranged gift sets for $50 all ready for you!  These boys are based out of Brooklyn if you’re in the area.

For The Horny Bachelor

Eco schmeko, bring on the dick pics, amiright? Ron Amato’s collection of nude photography, The Box Book, is a naughty coffee table book for that gay daddy in your life who wears robes and a has a houseboy and an impressive collection of body oils. You know the type…

Big gay holiday gift guide in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

For The Good Queers Among Us

You can also make a donation to some of these incredible, difference-making LGBTQ charities. OutRight Action International has been fighting for LGBTQI rights around the globe for more than 25 years. The Ali Forney Center helps shelter homeless LGBTQ youth. GMHC is one of the leaders in HIV/AIDS prevention. Immigration Equality has been providing services for LGBTQ and HIV-positive immigrants for more than 23 years. The National Center for Transgender Equality is a social justice advocacy group focused on trans rights. And, of course, The Trevor Project, aimed towards helping suicide prevention and providing crisis intervention.


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Interview with Jamaica's tourism minister in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazineAn interview with Jamaican Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett, MP by Billy Kolber

Next month, Jamaica will host a tourism conference on jobs and inclusive growth. Tourism jobs and training have been an important source of economic empowerment for LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer) people all over the world, and Jamaica’s focus on providing opportunities for local entrepreneurs to create experiences for visitors is particularly promising.

Jamaica is the most cited example of places that are not friendly for LGBTQ people — In 2006, Time Magazine labeled it “The Most Homophobic Place on Earth.” Much progress has been made in the last decade, and indeed, Bloom Jamaica will also be in Jamaica next month, for a seventh time as the largest annual LGBTQ trip in the Caribbean.

We caught up with Jamaica’s Minister of Tourism, the Honorable Edmund Bartlett, MP  at the World Travel and Tourism Council Global Summit to ask whether LGBTQ visitors are welcome in Jamaica. Check out the interview below.

And for more information, recommendations and commentary on Jamaica and the Caribbean, check out our 15-island feature in the February/March 2017 issue of ManAboutWorld.Interview with Jamaica's tourism minister in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

The Interview

ManAboutWorld: Outside voices in the news media’s frequently cite Jamaica as the best example of a country that is unfriendly and unwelcoming for gay travelers. So, what would you say to LGBT travelers, are they welcome in Jamaica?

Minister Bartlett: We say that Jamaica is open to all travelers. We have a diversified offering that the extent to which we go to embrace various passion points is equal. We have no laws which prevent people of any orientation to come in and to enjoy the benefits of the destination. The ethics which guide tourism guide everybody, and so it is within that tourism ethic that we will operate with all the visitors that come to our country.

ManAboutWorld: Others countries that has been similarly pillared by the media — the Bahamas, Grand Cayman — have made greater public strives in reversing their reputation and being seen as more welcoming, and some of that is started directly with public statement from those tourism ministries. Is Jamaica looking at its reputation in the LGBT community as something to be remediated and if so are you doing that?

Minister Bartlett: To begin with, we think that policy initiative from government, legislative arrangements go a long way in defining how peoples actions will develop. One cannot say that an instant statement is going change because people’s attitudes are a time-related matter. But the narratives are changing, and Jamaica is in fact having far more congenial types of narrative to enable a greater feeling of comfort by a wider group of people.

ManAboutWorld: We’ve seen that. I know your prime minister has said “No one should be discriminated against because of their sexual orientation.”

Minister Bartlett: So the narratives are improving. We are country with a long history and a culture that is embracing, especially that we are an amalgam of many kind of strains, many ethnic and cultural strains, and within that there are lifestyle issues that we are contending with every day and I believe that Jamaica has come a long way in terms of a more embracing approach for lifestyle issues.

ManAboutWorld: I think we’ve seen that. One of the things that turned up in our research the largest annual gay Caribbean trip occurs in Jamaica [Bloom; November 29-December 4, 2017]

 Interview with Jamaica's tourism minister in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

Minister Bartlett: And yet no great big statement is made about it. So this is the point we are making. People are happy, people are enjoying the benefits of a great country and they have not felt discriminated against. What happens is you end up with advocates who sometimes are just riding the rewards of the advocacy and the sort of skewed opinions in relation to how their own agenda is structured.

ManAboutWorld: The hospitality industry has been among the most progressive in the world. In fact all of the largest hotel companies scored 100% on the Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index. Is Jamaica’s hospitality industry looking at a LGBT issues in terms of sensitivity training for employees in terms of employment non-discrimination?

Minister Bartlett: Well. I must said that there is not a structured approach in terms of it, but there is a regular sensitization which happens within the entities themselves and I think that has gone a long way in reducing the level of negative matters flowing now with regards to that community. And I’m comfortable that this is going to continue and it’s going to only get better.

ManAboutWorld: Good. Thank you very much. It’s been a few years — probably six — since I’ve been to Jamaica. So I look forward to coming back.

Minister Bartlett: You need to come back.

# # #

Note that many communities are still rebuilding after recent devastating storms. Help rebuild LGBTQ lives in the Caribbean through Alturi

Here is more Caribbean coverage on ManAboutWorld’s blog.


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Millions of people love Vegas, with its over-the-top “what happens here, stays here” spectacle. If you’re not one of them, you might still find yourself visiting, reluctantly and repeatedly. It doesn’t matter if you’re a rocket scientist or an Avon Lady — If you attend any kind of meeting or convention, you’re bound to end up in Sin City. If Vegas isn’t your thing, and you’re dreading your next visit, This guide is for you.

At least once — sometimes twice a year, I’m off to Vegas for a conference. When I choose a travel destination, I’m drawn to places rich in natural beauty, indigenous culture, and local food. Could someone like me find something to love in Las Vegas? Determined to make Vegas more tolerable – even enjoyable, I put my travel skills to the test, enlisted the help of my local friends, and discovered a Vegas I’m now looking forward to revisiting.

Here are ten ways to change Vegas haters into lovers:

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Marriott/Starwood loyalty merger

When the Marriott/Starwood merger closed last Friday, the frequent traveler world was surprised with a same-day linkage of the two loyalty programs, immediate reciprocal elite memberships, and the ability to shift points between the two programs freely, at a 1 Starpoint = 3 Marriott Rewards point ratio.

Starwood Gold Elite members (who only needed 10 stays or 25 nights to qualify) got the biggest bonus, since Marriott Rewards Gold (which requires 50 nights) offers benefits more closely aligned with SPG platinum, notably free breakfast and lounge access at most Marriott hotels. Elite qualification nights are not shared or transferable currently, so you’ll need to be careful not to split your nights in a way that jeopardizes your status.

The combination of the Marriott/Starwood programs created some unexpected bonuses for elite members. And some newly minted ways to instantly become Marriott Rewards Gold — like spending $30,000 on the SPG Amex card in a year.  Even better, are these seven sneaky clever ways to get or leverage your new status for significant travel benefits.

1. If you have an American Express Platinum Card, you’re now gold with Marriott.

Platinum Amex Cardholders get awesome benefits, including SPG Gold Elite membership. Which gives you Marriott Rewards Gold, which is even more valuable: it includes free breakfast and lounge access at most Marriott hotels — a benefit you only get at the Platinum level with SPG.

2. If you’re a Delta Skymiles Diamond or Platinum Member, you’re now gold with Marriott.

Like American Express Platinum card holders, you’re also entitled to automatic SPG Gold Elite through the Crossover Rewards program. Once you register, your SPG Gold status gets you Marriott Rewards Gold.

3. If you’re a Platinum SPG member, you’re now silver with United MileagePlus

RewardsPlus, a Marriott/United Airlines partnership offers Marriott Platinum Elites a United MileagePlus silver elite. Once your SPG and MR accounts are linked, you can apply for the benefit with United based on your Marriott Platinum status.

4. If you’re a Marriott Rewards Platinum Member, you’re now silver on Delta

SPG Crossover Rewards grants Delta Skymiles Silver membership, Once your Marriott Rewards and SPG accounts are linked, you can link your SPG and Delta accounts.

5. If you’re United Mileage Plus Gold Elite member, you’re gold with Starwood.

RewardsPlus grants Marriott Rewards Gold to United MileagePlus Gold members. And that of course, gets you SPG Gold once your Marriott and Starwood accounts are linked.

6. Transfer 90,000 Starpoints into 132,000 United Mileage Plus points.

Almost every SPG airline partner offers a 1:1 point transfer ratio. But the united ratio was 1:2, requiring twice as many starpoints. But transfer 90,000 Starpoints into 270,000 Marriott Rewards points, and redeem for a RewardsPlus vacation package. Those 90,000 Starpoints become 132,000 MileagePlus miles, and a free 7-night Marriott Category 1-5 hotel stay. (Same offer with 7 nights at a Category 9 hotel is 130,000 Starpoints; 180,000 Starpoints at Tier 5 Ritz-Carlton).

A similar Travel Package offer is available for 60,000-120,000 miles on the following carriers: Aeroflot, Aeromexico, Alaska Airlines, AirBerlin, Air Canada, Air China, Air France/KLM, Alitalia, American Airlines, ANA, Asia Miles, Asiana Airlines, Avianca-TACA, British Airways, China Eastern, China Southern, Copa Airlines, Delta Airlines, Emirates, Etihad Airways, Frontier Airlines, GOL/Varig,  Hawaiian Airlines, Iberia Airlines, Japan Airlines, Jet Airways, Jet Blue, Korean Air, LAN, Lufthansa, Multiplus, Qantas, Qatar Airways, Saudia Airlines, Singapore Airlines, South African Airways Voyager, Southwest Airlines, TAP Air Portugal, Turkish Airlines,Virgin America. Virgin Atlantic

7. Double Your Credit Card Enrollment Bonuses

You likely already have one or the other. But you should have both, earn the enrollment bonuses, and freely transfer points between the programs. Currently, you can earn 25,000 Starpoints for getting the Amex Card, and 87,500 Marriott Rewards points for their visa card. Once you’ve earned the Marriott bonus, switch your everyday, non-Marriott spending to the SPG American Express card, since the 1 Starpoint per $1 is worth three times as much as the 1 MR point per $1 from the Marriott Rewards card.

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Rating the cruise line's for gay friendliness, as seen in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazineThe cruise industry hasn’t always had a great relationship with gay cruisers. When Kevin Mossier first started chartering ships at RSVP 30 years ago, most lines wouldn’t even allow a gay group. Today, most lines are actively welcoming, if not marketing directly to LGBT customers. But when it comes to policies that actively engage LGBT customers and protect LGBT employees and guests, the lines in general, are not as far along as you’d think, and in general, reluctant to discuss it.

We’re proposing a set of LGBT criteria for the cruise lines. We don’t have enough responses to fairly grade the individual lines this year, but we’re reporting the responses we did receive, and the lines that failed to respond at all. We believe their answers should matter to all of us as gay consumers, and urge you to join the conversation. If you have comments or questions about our criteria or survey, please share them in a comment below!


  1. LGBT employees should be covered by a non-discrimination policy that explicitly mentions sexual orientation and gender expression.
  2. Customer-facing employees should have diversity/inclusion training that specifically covers LGBT guests.
  3. Cruise lines docking in ports where homosexuality or gender expression are criminalized should provide all passengers notice about such laws before disembarkation in those ports.

In addition to these minimum standards, we believe marketing and outreach to LGBT consumers, membership in the IGLTA and promotion of LGBT gatherings in daily cruise calendars are important indicators of a cruise line’s commitment to LGBT customers, not just commerce.

See the full article in the March issue of ManAboutWorld or here on to see the specific responses. The following cruise lines did not respond to numerous requests over two months: NORWEGIAN CRUISE LINE, ROYAL CARIBBEAN INTERNATIONAL, SILVERSEA CRUISES, WINDSTAR CRUISES.


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Dharavi cricket photo

Dharavi cricket photo

In this month’s issue, we launch Travel Dilemma, a new occasional column presenting a controversial travel topic for consideration and discussion. This month our writer Paul VanDeCarr went on a walking tour of a Mumbai slum. What he found blew away our images of these poor areas (which for instance generate over $650 million in economic activity).

Before we assigned and published this story though we discussed whether the pros such as learning the stories of a marginalized community outweighed the cons including privileged Westerners seeming to exploit a developing society. We found his column enlightening and informative, giving us a newfound respect for a part of the city which we would have previously ignored or pitied.

Learn more, discuss

  • Read his piece in this month’s issue. Subscribe here.
  • Exploitative? Enlightening? Empowering? Immoral? Discuss! We’d love to know what you think. Join the discussion via the comments below or on Facebook.
  • Read more about slum tourism.

Photo credit: Dharavi cricket photo by Andreas Grosse-Halbuer

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With Argentina’s great performance in the World Cup, I’m reminded of my first trip there in 1987, where I met my first penguin in Punta Tombo, at the northern tip of Patagonia. This first bird came up to check out my shoes as soon as we parked the car. Our walk down the path soon led to thousands (indeed, hundreds of thousands) of penguins all around us in this colony. Sadly, climate change has reduced the colony size by 50% in the last 20 years, and the penguins may soon be gone entirely from the area. But my experience with nature in this remote destination remains one of my most memorable travel experiences of all time, recalling that illusive moment of childlike wonder every time I am reminded of penguins, Punta Tombo and Argentina.

We wrote about Argentina in the Dec. 2013 issue of ManAboutWorld. Click here to subscribe to get al of our insider info on Buenos Aires, Salta,and Mendoza.



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android-logo-650x487ManAboutWorld is now available for Android tablets in the Google Play store. Our current issue, and all of our back issues are available for individual purchase or by subscription through Play. (Or check out our all-access subscription — it allows you to access all of our issues on both iPad and Android tablets for just $39.99.)

We’ve fully tested our current issue on the Nexus 7, but if it’s not working on your device, or if you find a page that doesn’t display correctly in one of our back issues, just let us know. In the mean time, welcome fandroids. We’re thrilled to have you along for the ride.

P.S. We don’t have a projected date yet for Kindle Fire users, but check out this hack that allows you full access to Google Play on your device.

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Recognizing the very best in gay travel


While it implies objectivity, “best” is almost always subjective, or — at best — qualified. When we ask for the best hotel or restaurant, the answer can be as much a reflection of our sensibilities as it is of any objective quality measure.
Generally, “you get what you pay for,” but finding “the best” isn’t simply a matter of picking the most expensive option — it’s knowing what resonates for you. We saw a lot in our first year of publication: 68 destinations and 943 hotels. Much of it is a blur. But some of it stands out. Editors’ Choice winners are the ones that resonated most for us. The ones that truly shared our values.  The ones we would go back to… and sometimes do, when we’re not busy searching out new and different places to recommend.

And this year’s Awards go to…

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Suspension Bridge, Mt. Everest Base Camp Trek

Suspension Bridge, Mt. Everest Base Camp Trek

Our Global Correspondent Scott Holman recently returned from Nepal, and we selected his journey to feature as this month’s Parting Shots in our magazine. Here’s his expanded story, and more of his photos.

1. Why did you go?
My spouse and I both independently had always wanted to see the Himalayas in person. Together, we wanted to do the popular Mt. Everest Base Camp trek and see the world’s tallest mountain up close.

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Now that all the big name hotel chains are fighting over the pink dollar, it’s time to re-examine what really makes a gay-friendly hotel. Attention hoteliers: Here are new benchmarks from the editors at ManAboutWorld Magazine.

Have you stayed in a hotel that makes the grade? Tell us about it in the comments!

1. Electricity.
Not just the vibe at the bar, but the number of accessible outlets in the room. You’ve seen the research. We’re early tech adopters, and our stylish satchels are filled with Bluetooth-enabled devices that need charging. We may be quite adept at getting down on our knees, but don’t make us do it looking for an outlet.

2. Lighting.
Just one criteria here: Dimmers. Low lighting is sexy, romantic and makes everyone look better… especially those of us on the north side of 25. Even CFL bulbs are dimmable now, so don’t pull the environment card on us. They’re more expensive. We’re worth it.

3. The Deep Clean
Your rooms? Obviously. But I’m talking about that internal cleaning we perform in preparation for butt sex. (In case it got lost in that sanitized-for-the-Fortune 500 marketing survey you bought: butt sex is one of the defining activities of the gays, after the gym, but well before brunch or shopping.) Give us a hand-held shower we can connect a douche nozzle to. Or at least a showerhead we can hang a Streem Master on. That ceiling-mounted rainforest showerhead is chic, but if we have to call the Whatever/Whenever desk for a six pack of enema bottles, it’s not cute.

4. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall
Speaking of sex, we often like to watch and film ourselves having it. Give us a strategically placed mirror — facing the bed please, not the closet we came out of a long time ago.

5. Equal Access Porn
Don’t try to appease us with a few generic gay and bi titles on demand. Just give us an easy way to connect our computer/iPad/camcorder to the TV screen, and enough bandwidth to stream TimTales. Is that too much to ask?

6. Do Unto Others
There was a time when your float in New York’s gay pride parade meant something. Now it feels like pandering. If you want to appeal to our sense of social justice, we want to see your rainbow flag fly in places where our gay brothers and sisters face intolerance, injustice and violence, like Jamaica, Uganda and Russia. That will impress us.

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Well, we didn’t exactly find any convents, but the editorial team at ManAboutWorld did find resorts that were pretty close to bathhouses … and almost everything in between. Not to mention all sorts of things that might make you squeal in delight. Or horror. Or both.

In choosing a gay resort, the “Sexual Temperature” is as important as the quality of accommodations — maybe even more important. So we spent two days in December inspecting all 19 of Ft. Lauderdale’s gay resorts (nineteen!) The results are plotted here, with our Palm Ratings of quality charted against our Flame Ratings of sexual temperature. (Click on the chart to enlarge it.)

The full report, along with our insider guide to Ft. Lauderdale’s restaurants, clubs, gyms, stores, bars, museums, sex clubs and gardens is in the January/February issue of ManAboutWorld Magazine. If you’re not a subscriber, you can download the issue as part of a free trial subscription on the AppStore, or you can become a ManAboutWorld member for free and download an old-school pdf of the full guesthouse reviews and ratings.

Have you been to a gay resort? What’s your ideal Sexual Temperature/Resort Quality combination?


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Is there someplace you’ve got your heart set on visiting in the new year? Something about your travel patterns you’re going to change? Share your New Year’s travel resolutions with us in the comments. Here’s to health, happiness, shorter lines and less lost luggage in 2013!

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Apple announced the new iPad mini today, starting at just $329. And we’re pleased to announce that ManAboutWorld will be available on the new iPad mini.  You won’t need to do anything on your end – your subscription will automatically download the correct issue on whatever iPad you own.  Sweet, huh? Are you planning to get a mini?

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This is the kind of support we expect of travel suppliers marketing to our community — Not just the assurance that they’re gay friendly, but a willingness to publicly support our global struggle for human rights.

Nearly a decade ago, Expedia did a deal with OUT&ABOUT to syndicate gay content on their website. In 2010, they teamed up with the IGLTA to add a “gay-friendly filter based on IGLTA membership to their hotel searches.  Last month, they came out in support of Referendum 74 supporting gay marriage in Washington State.  This week, they released this poignant video about the power of travel to create understanding.  Bravo, Expedia.  Where you book does indeed matter.

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Photo Credit:

With gay travelers welcomed at virtually every hostelry in the city, it can be hard for visitors to choose. Indeed, the paradox of choice leaves travelers spending hours poring over maps, reading reviews, comparing rates, and dissecting user-generated comments before making a reservation.

ManAboutWorld Magazine makes it easier, with opinionated recommendations that cut through information overload. There are 431 New York Hotels listed on TripAdvisor, yet fewer than 1 in 8 make our list. (Our list could be called the 50 Shades of Gay Hotels, since there’s only one truly gay hotel in New York.)

You’ll save lots of travel planning agita by reducing your consideration set to the 51 hotels (and 3 B&B’s) chosen by ManAboutWorld’s in-the-know Global Correspondent team, and grouped by neighborhood with advice for choosing among the neighborhoods as well.

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By @ 09/13/12 in Digital Publishing

Check out one of our great inspirations. The guys behind The Un:Limited magazine have created an interactive art and fashion magazine dedicated to the unlimited possibilities of digital publishing. It’s really cutting edge:

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No, not the kind you spritz.  We’re talking the city, also spelled Köln and Kœln.  It’s one of the eight places to go NOW/NEXT in our October issue… and I was there last weekend digging up the inside gay scoop.  Our trip corresponded with the thank you dinner for the Cologne Pride 2012 volunteers, where ManAboutWorld was welcomed by the organizing committee.  They were happy we were writing about Cologne.  We were happy to learn about their outreach program bringing gay activists from more oppressive countries to Cologne Pride for inspiration and networking.  What a great way to help advance human rights globally.

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Photo by

First just let me say thanks, on behalf of Ed, Kenny and myself, to all of you who have downloaded the ManAboutWorld Magazine App since it first appeared on the App Store just 3 weeks ago… We’d like to hug each and every one of you, but you’re in FORTY FIVE different countries! That fact alone is exciting and humbling and so encouraging.  So thank you, merci, xièxiè, obrigado, danke, tak, Спасибо for showing the love from all six continents!

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