Built for Mobile

ManAboutWorld is one of the first magazines of any kind to be designed exclusively for mobile devices. We’re not a print magazine squished on a screen — we’re designed to be read with a tap and a swipe of your thumb. ManAboutWorld comes alive with stunning slide shows, embedded video, and live links to explore further without leaving the page.

We totally understand.  We waited too, wondering what we would use it for that we weren’t already doing quite nicely with our laptops, smartphones, Kindles, Nooks, MacBooks and iPhones.  Then we got one. And the answers were obvious.

Industry insiders call it the “lie back” experience: The relaxing, entertaining consumption of content: magazines, newspapers, television and movies. A little light web surfing, text messaging and video calling.  Catching up with facebook. And Grindr.  You can approximate it with a laptop and a smart phone and an e-book reader. And a third hand to keep it all balanced while you try to find a comfortable postion to view the screen, reach the keyboard, and adjust the sweaty mess that your lap has become thanks to the heat of said laptop.

Now imagine all of those activities, on a magazine-sized, 24-ounce tablet with a brilliant display and 9-10 hours of battery life.  It’s computer functionality, the whole app world, and a brilliant, high-resolution display that brings magazines to life in amazing new ways.   On your couch. On planes, trains and automobiles. On the toilet.  In your hotel room.  In your backpack, briefcase, or manpurse. In the seat pocket in front of you.

When you buy your iPad through Amazon.com using the links below, ManAboutWorld will share 50% of the affiliate commission with the International Gay & Lesbian Human Rights Commission to support their work advancing Human Rights for Everyone. Everywhere. Not sure which iPad to get? Keep reading.

Buy the iPad at Amazon

There are a few choices in buying your iPad:

  • iPad 2 or the new iPad
  • WiFi or 3G/4G
  • How much memory
  • White or Black

The new iPad has much sharper resolution, supports a 4G cellular connection, and has a better rear-facing camera. We’ve held them side-by-side, and there’s a noticeable but not dramatic difference in the display: Darker blacks, more saturated colors, sharper images.  The WiFi models require a WiFi connection to surf the web, download content or connect to online Apps.  The 3G/4G models have cellular connections through pay-per-month plans with Verizon and ATT.  Much of your content is still available to you when you’re offline, such as downloaded movies and magazines.  But links won’t be accessible, and content, especially video, may be streaming, not embedded, and will require an online connection to view it.

Memory covers both the apps you install, and the content you download.  If you want to keep lots of photos, videos and movies on your iPad, you’ll need more memory.  Most magazines are 100-400 MB, so 40-100 issues would fill 16 GB.  We tend to download a few issues at a time, and then “archive” them once we’ve read them, clearing room. You can always  download them again later.  As for color, some say the white is “girly,” but we’re man enough not to listen to them.