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Jumping for MyGayPride with Two Bad Tourists in Barcelona, ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

Jumping for MyGayPride

Our very own ManAboutWorld correspondents and gay blogger duo Two Bad Tourists want to send you to Barcelona as part of their MyGayPride promotion. This gay blogger pair is so excited about it they are jumping for joy in Barcelona (above). Read more about Auston Matta (above left who makes up one half of these two handsome, hard-working and informative blogger couple) here. Read below for information on participating in the MyGayPride promotion and start practicing your Catalan.

One lucky winner will receive a free trip to Barcelona including two round trip tickets on Norwegian, a $350 credit with misterbnb plus airport pickup and LGBT city tours provided by Rainbow Barcelona Tours. Barcelona welcomes 1.3 million LGBT visitors each year and travelers can enjoy the popular ‘Gay-xample’ neighborhood, beaches, famous monuments, unique architecture and feel comfortable in one of the most gay-friendly destinations in Europe.

The giveaway is part of Two Bad Tourists’ successful #mygaypride summer campaign where 17 LGBT and straight-allied bloggers visited 8 European cities during gay pride. Still going strong until the end of September, the campaign has already generated 30 million impressions on Twitter and 2,500 photos on Instagram. The campaign was created by David and Auston of Two Bad Tourists, two gay bloggers who left their lives in the US to travel the world. Inspired by the diversity of gay pride celebrations they’ve seen during their travels, they want others to share their pride using the hashtag and be part of the experience.

Handsome man on beach in Barcelona for MyGayPride with Two Bad Tourists, ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

There are our shirts!


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Our friends at Two Bad Tourists have big news on the first-ever Ibiza Pride and a huge summer giveaway!

Are you planning on visiting Ibiza? In case you haven’t heard, Ibiza is hosting its first gay pride this summer from July 8th to 12th and it’s going to be big! We’ve partnered with the Ibiza Gay Pride team to giveaway 2 All Access Passes.

The winner of the giveaway will receive 2 free t-shirts, 2 welcome bags and 2 wristbands providing free access to all 8 parties including the opening party, all nighttime events and daytime pool party. Each pass normally costs 200€ (promo price until May 25th) so the total prize is valued at 400€! You can find out more about the events and parties on the Ibiza Gay Pride website or check out their Facebook page for regularly updates.

What’s the Catch?

There’s no catch – all you have to do is signup with your email address. We’ll add you to our mailing list and you can unsubscribe at anytime. We don’t spam but we do send out a monthly newsletter and occasional new blogs posts by email. This giveaway also helps promote Ibiza Gay Pride, which is important since it’s the first year and they need help spreading the word. Also note that the prize doesn’t include any travel assistance, flights or accommodation so you’re on own for that. But once you arrive, you’ll have access to all the events throughout the week with the wristband.

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As seen in manAboutWorld, the gay travel magazine

Two boys hold hands on the steps of an ancient church

Our correspondent Auston Matta of Two Bad Tourists is back with this new, funny, and insightful list every traveling gay should read.


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IMG_9244Over a dozen ManAboutWorld correspondents attended the IGLTA’s 31st annual Convention, May 8-11. Here are eight of them from left to right, including their specialty, nationality and current city. What a worldly, hard-working, passionate group!

Just wait till IGLTA’s 32nd annual Convention in Los Angeles (April 9-12, 2015) where we will make an even bigger splash.


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Auston landscape shot

Auston grew up in Phoenix before escaping to Chicago in 2008. He worked as an engineer for six years before deciding to quit his office job and travel around the world with his husband. Since early 2012, they have traveled to nearly 50 countries across the globe and run the travel blog TwoBadTourists.

Auston currently works part-time as a freelance engineer and travel writer, while continuing to explore Europe and beyond from his home base in Madrid. His ridiculous organization, travel savvy and financial planning has helped provide the ability to travel indefinitely.

Follow Auston on his blog or Facebook.

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