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We spoke to ManAboutWorld Global Correspondent Cristian Flores about his passion for travel, and we selected his journeys as this month’s Parting Shots in our magazine. Here’s the expanded story and more of his photos.

1. Why do you love to shoot Buenos Aires?

Because it is a big city in movement, I never take the same photo the same way; I always find another point of view.

2. Do you plan in advance what you will shoot in the city?

I generally take spontaneous photographies, especially in the street.

3. What has surprised you about shooting destinations the most?

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Cristian Flores, Villa La Angostura, Neuquén Province

In each issue we share our favorite photos from ManAboutWorld’s peripatetic Global Correspondents. We occasionally highlight some of those here. Today we explore La Angostura, Neuquen, Patagonia (in Argentina) brought to us by Cristian Flores. In his words:

Villa La Angostura is located in the province of Neuquen, in the north of Patagonia Argentina. It’s a small town, surrounded by mountains and forests originating on the shores of Lake Nahuel Huapi.

You can visit throughout the year, depending on the activities you want to perform, from June to September you can ski, because here is a major ski resort. The months with the most heat are from December to March, you can navigate the lake, you can practice water sports, or enjoy a fishing day.

Trekking through the woods, shores of a lake, riding bicycles or walking, you can do throughout the year, just depends on your spirit of adventure.

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Our newest Global Correspondent Cristian Flores is a passionate traveler, photographer and master of Photoshop. He added our ManAboutWorld logo to this photo he took in Patagonia. We feel like we were there in spirit!

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