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ManAboutWorld Global Correspondent John Coe’s life can be summed up as a photographic journey with images defining milestones and bringing life to the mundane. During childhood, his father, a talented photographer in his own right, instilled a passion for telling stories through visual imagery. Over the years, John has exhibited his images in over 25 photo exhibits. We spoke to him about his love of travel, and we selected his journey to Spain as this month’s Parting Shots in our magazine. Here’s the expanded story and more of his photos.

The photo above was taken by John Coe in Ronda, Spain: Beautiful Christian iconography is a common sight on most Spanish streets.

1. Why do you love to travel around Spain?

I love packing in as many new and different experiences as possible in a trip, and even within the cozy region of southern Spain, there is amazing variety from city to city. Toledo, Seville, Granada, Córdoba — these are cities that are an hour or so apart by train or car, and yet so delightfully different.

2. How far in advance do you plan your trips?

For two- to three-week trips, I find it handy to block calendars and book flights about three months in advance. Then I spend the next couple of months reading, getting excited, and planning the itinerary one city at a time.

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Tucked inside a southern region of Spain, just across the strait from Morocco, exists this gorgeous city or Moorish architecture, where flamenco was born and cute waiters serve tapas at bustling eateries until the wee hours. Our very own Editor-In-Chief Ed Salvato will travel to this storybook city from May 3-6 to explore the gay scene and reveal its secrets. Look for our insider guide in an upcoming issue. 

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