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Middleton Place in Charleston, SC and in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazineWelcome to Charleston, South Carolina, y’all. Down South you’ll find an unexpectedly fun LGBT travel option, one where horse-drawn carriages wheel down cobblestoned streets lined by stately Antebellum mansions. This city has a storied past and a bright future, filled with thoughtful perspective of its deep history dating back to 1650 and a rich LGBT life. It boasts fine luxury accommodations, delicious Southern cuisine, lively nightlife and a wealth of activities that will give you the true Charleston experience. Here are our favorites from our visit to the heart of the Lowcountry.

Belmond Charleston Place

The Belmond Charleston Place located in Charleston’s downtown historic district combines top-of-the-Belmond Charleston Place Suite in Charleston, SC and in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazineline amenities with a decidedly Southern flare. Upon check in you will see the hotel lobby’s 17th-century Georgian open-arm staircase, 12-foot crystal chandelier and Italian marble throughout. Guests with a little extra budget should consider a room on the Club Level; here, along with a great city view from the hotel’s top two floors, you’ll get special perks like exclusive access to the lounge for complimentary continental breakfast, afternoon tea and an ideal spot for a nightcap. Visitors can look forward to the hotel’s full-service European-style spa and the hotel’s award-winning Charleston Grill. The knowledgeable staff will help you find your way around Charleston. You’re immersed in the city’s history as soon as you step outside the hotel’s doors.

Charleston Grill

Rated as the third best fine dining restaurant in the U.S. by TripAdvisor, Charleston Grill serves a menu of contemporary Southern and cosmopolitan cuisine created by Executive Chef Michelle Weaver, with seafood and local ingredients, paired with a list of more than 30 wines. Dishes such as the seared foie gras with blackberry preserves and signature crab cakes offer a unique take on traditional options. Dinner is accompanied by a live jazz band nightly. Oh, and don’t skip dessert—the Brown Butter Apple Cake alone is worth the trip South.

Bulldog LGBT History Tour

A new addition to the city’s offerings is a look at Charleston’s history from the LGBT perspective. The Bulldog LGBT private walking tour takes visitors on a walk through history—one that’s ripe with LGBTs who were instrumental in shaping the city, living and dead. You’ll hear stories from the scandalous account of Dawn Langley Simmons, a well-known transgender author who turned society on its head by transitioning and marrying an African American man, to the infamous backstory of a familiar name forever memorialized in the words of Edgar Allen Poe—the beautiful Annabel Lee.

Bulldogs Ghost Tour

Of course as one of the oldest cities in the country, you know there will be ghosts. The Bulldog Ghost Tour takes visitors into the city’s original jail. Going in at the dead of night—in pitch dark—is terrifying enough, but along with the guide’s true-to-life stories of the prisoners that found their way here (including common criminals and prisoners of war), you’ll learn all about executions that took place here and who is said to still be walking the halls.Belmond in Charleston, SC and in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine


At Dudley’s, the city’s sole queer hangout, expect a night packed with high-energy drag performances and a dance floor with a diverse crowd of the city’s inhabitants and international visitors alike moving en masse to a live DJ spinning pop favorites. Enjoy nightly drink specials and a changing calendar of weekly events. (We recommend getting there early as it fills up fast and there will likely be a line to get in.)

Middleton Place

At Middleton Place visitors can take a stroll through the nation’s oldest landscaped gardens, catching colorful azaleas and camellias in full bloom. But this National Historic Landmark also gives a peek into a four-generation span of American history. Once owned by one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, Arthur Middleton, the property was formerly a working rice plantation. Though the plantation’s main buildings were set ablaze after the Civil War, visitors can still see the house museum where antique furniture, porcelain dishes and portraits from the family’s collection were saved and put on display, along with a dedicated museum to the African American slaves who worked there.

Lewis Barbecue

A visit to the South wouldn’t be complete without some authentic barbecue and all the fixins at Lewis Barbecue. John Lewis, former pit master at award-winning Texas BBQ joint La Barbecue, brings his custom smokers to prepare the perfect BBQ’d beef brisket, pork spareribs and beefribs.

Hominy Grill in Charleston, SC and in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazineHominy Grill 

James Beard Award-winning Chef Robert Stehling sets the scene of a scrumptious Southern meal with his take on classic Southern dishes like shrimp n’ grits, Charleston Nasty Biscuit and signature cocktails. The Hominy Grill is housed in a charming single family home that only makes diners feel even more like they’re enjoying a home-cooked meal.

Magnolia’s Uptown Down South

Also located downtown in Charleston’s historic district, Magnolia’s Uptown Down South‘s chef duo Kelly Franz and Don Drake created a delectable menu of true Lowcountry cuisine infused with contemporary elements and fresh ingredients. Try the Fried Green Tomatoes or boiled peanut hummus for starters.

Darling Oyster Bar

Take full advantage of Charleston’s close proximity to the Atlantic and enjoy fresh seafood—specifically Darling in Charleston, SC and in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazineoysters at Darling Oyster Bar. Executive Chef Jo DiMaio has it all covered for the picky eaters; you can order them fried, baked or raw. We highly recommend popping in for brunch and ordering The Captain. You may not even need to order oysters after that!

Aaron Drake, correspondent for ManAboutWorld gay travel magazineStory by ManAboutWorld correspondent Aaron Drake.

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ManAboutWorld's November cover: the pulsating skyline of Miami at night.

Miami, our November cover

Blink and it’s November! Seems like it’s still summertime. We love the unseasonably warm weather enveloping most of the U.S. as we go to press, but it’s not helping us mentally prepare for the cold ahead. Where mother nature fails, ManAboutWorld delivers though with our up-to-the-minute guide to Miami, an easily accessible, gay-popular destination that’s undergoing an exciting transformation.

Download ManAboutWorld to discover a city bursting well beyond gay-centric South Beach. Wynwood is home to some of the most exciting galleries on the planet, especially at this moment when they’re preparing for next month’s Art Basel, which we also cover this month. Brickell feels like the capital of Latin America, filled with dining, drinking and hobnobbing. And discover some of the most exciting new hotels in the country that have recently opened their doors, a number of them located in Miami’s newly emerging Mid-Beach district.

In winter, not everyone flees to warm-weather destinations. Some people actually run towards the cold. Gleefully. For you we present a

Aspen gay ski week in ManAboutWorld (gay travel magazine)-November issue which also includes Miami

Aspen gay ski week

hot list of cool snowy events encircling the globe. Aspen Gay Ski week is still the daddy of all gay winter events, and it seems to be getting better with a reinvigorated leadership and truly welcoming vibe. We’re proud to be media partners with this event which benefits a number of worthy LGBT community organizations.

Have you seen our new Radar section? These are discoveries around the globe sent in by our correspondents and friends. We encourage you, dear readers, to send us your discoveries, which you may see included in an upcoming issue. Use our “Contact us” page on the blog. 

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Greece as seen in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazineWhether the talk is #Grexit (Greek exiting the Eurozone) or #Greekment (the new agreement with offered by European leaders to Greece), ManAboutWorld is steadfastly loyal to Greece, a country that has been graciously welcoming visitors for millennia and that has more than a few spots that warmly invite gay travelers (we look to thee Athens, Mykonos, Santorini ….). Whether Grexit or Greekment: We offer our Greek Travel Guide free to all tablet subscribers. We encourage you to visit Greece early and often. It’s a great country!

Greece is just gorgeous and there’s so much history and culture you could visit for weeks on end. And the islands: one more beautiful than the next. The Greeks: so warm and gracious to visitors … and the men. With those beards. Woof.

The banks are still closed and cash machines are running out of cash to visitors will need to think soldiersabout obtaining some euros before heading there. Non-Greek debit and credit cards should be fine, too. But even before this crisis, we found that it was always easier and sometimes cheaper to pay in cash. So get some euros before you go.

Download ManAboutWorld for the iPad or Android tablet and receive our free Greek Travel Guide. The iPhone and Android phone versions don’t have the free Greek guide. You can check out our unique digital-born gay travel magazine for savvy gay travelers by downloading the ManAboutWorldApp on the iTunes App Store or Google Play. We support iPads, Android tablets, iPhones and Android phones. There are a few free guides in all of the apps, and you can click here to register for a FREE three-month subscription. Go on, what are you waiting for!
Photo credits: top: Lorena Torres Angelini via Flickr; right: Peter Macinnis via Flickr

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Steve Rodriguez and Ed Salvato as seen at the New York Times Travel Show

Steve Rodriguez interviews ManAboutWorld editor Ed Salvato

Steve Rodriguez from Progressive Pulse, a great resource for lifestyle articles, videos and more, caught up with our editor in chief Ed Salvato at the New York Times Travel Show and got his take on the 15 most fabulous destinations everyone should consider in 2015. See the interview here.


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ManAboutWorld Global Correspondent John Coe’s life can be summed up as a photographic journey with images defining milestones and bringing life to the mundane. During childhood, his father, a talented photographer in his own right, instilled a passion for telling stories through visual imagery. Over the years, John has exhibited his images in over 25 photo exhibits. We spoke to him about his love of travel, and we selected his journey to Spain as this month’s Parting Shots in our magazine. Here’s the expanded story and more of his photos.

The photo above was taken by John Coe in Ronda, Spain: Beautiful Christian iconography is a common sight on most Spanish streets.

1. Why do you love to travel around Spain?

I love packing in as many new and different experiences as possible in a trip, and even within the cozy region of southern Spain, there is amazing variety from city to city. Toledo, Seville, Granada, Córdoba — these are cities that are an hour or so apart by train or car, and yet so delightfully different.

2. How far in advance do you plan your trips?

For two- to three-week trips, I find it handy to block calendars and book flights about three months in advance. Then I spend the next couple of months reading, getting excited, and planning the itinerary one city at a time.

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Our very own ManAboutWorld Correspondent (and circuit party aficionado) David DiGiacomo provides the lay of the land for Matinee Las Vegas, scheduled for Memorial Day Weekend along with his top tips for maximizing your enjoyment.

Matinee Las Vegas will take place over Memorial Day weekend (May 23-26). The party brand Matinee was launched over 15 years ago in Ibiza. It has evolved internationally with lavish events including Circuit Festival Barcelona (August 6-17). Upon expanding the brand to North America, the founders asked Patrick Crough and Jake Resnicow to oversee and produce all parties in the USA and Canada.

The first Matinee event was held during Pride NYC on Governors Island. Matinee Las Vegas debuted in 2011. The weekend will feature eight events over four days and nights. The party starts out Friday 9 pm-5 am at Share nightclub. Friday event DJs are Taito Tikaro, Nina Flowers and Felipe Lira.

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San Francisco-based ManAboutWorld Global Correspondent Paul Teixeira was invited on a preview tour of the new Airbus 321 Trans Continental aircraft at San Francisco’s SFO airport. His report:

American Airlines revealed their new Airbus 321 Transcontinental (A321T) aircraft and simultaneously we realized all the good American has been up to during their massive re-branding and merger effort. This will be your new must fly domestic luxury route between Los Angeles (LAX) or San Francisco (SFO) and New York (JFK), and by new, we also mean nostalgic, as they have brought back the class and luxury from the flying glory days of past.

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ManAboutWorld’s latest issue is ready for download. Subscribers: Open your iPad, tap on ManAboutWorld, go to Library, download and enjoy. Non-subscribers may find us in the AppStore. Or click on our website to subscribe and get access to all our back issues.

This is our coolest — and hottest — cover, yet.

Learn why we love Hawaii and its beautiful aloha spirit.

Other coverage includes:

  • Gay family travel to Kauai
  • Washington, DC
  • Merida, Mexico
  • Panama City, Panama
  • 6 fabulous honeymoon hotels
  • and more

Wait, not a subscriber? (Est-ce possible ?! :). Become one now and get access to all our back issues for free.

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Tel Aviv, Adam Groffman

Tel Aviv, Adam Groffman

Our Global Correspondent and true man about world Adam Groffman quit his job as a graphic designer in Boston and went on a life-changing 15+ month trip around the world. Since 2011 Adam has been living in Berlin – Europe’s most hipster city. His blog, Travels of Adam, focuses on finding the coolest cultural things to do around the world. We spoke to him about his passion for travel, and we selected his journeys as this month’s Parting Shots in our magazine. Here’s the expanded story and more of his photos.

Why do you love to travel?

For me, traveling is a great way to learn, see and experience new things. While I might try new things when I’m home, it’s when I’m out exploring a new part of the world that I really begin to embrace change and try new things. I’ve learned so much from traveling — not just typical skills a backpacker or traveler might pick up, but life skills too.

1. How far in advance do you plan your trips?

It varies. I tend to plan at least a month or two beforehand, but I’ve been known to book quite a few last-minute trips. Sometimes if the airfare is right, why not?!

2. Who do you travel with?

I’ve traveled every which way and I can’t honestly tell you how I prefer it. I’ve done group tours, trips with friends or groups of friends, alone and with my boyfriend. I think there’s a time and a place (and a destination!) for every type of travel.

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Credit: David A. Lee

ManAboutWorld correspondent David DiGiacomo has been to the White Party Palm Springs several times and brings us his top tips for enjoying this desert event celebrating its 25th anniversary.

This year’s White Party Palm Springs marks the 25th-anniversary since this legendary party began. This year it takes place April 25-28 2014. White Party Palm Springs was founded and is produced by Jeffrey Sanker who’s been dubbed “the high priest of gay parties.” The White Party started out with only 300 attendees in its first year and now anticipates hosting over 30,000 revelers from all over the world. Each year Sanker tries to introduce new and upcoming talent to perform at his events throughout the weekend. Such stars as Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, and Icona Pop have all performed at the White Party. I attended two years ago and decided it was time to revisit White Party Palm Springs this year. I have a few tips for those planning to attend the event.

  1. Eat at LULU 200 South Palm Danyon Dr. The food is excellent for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It’s also a great place to have a drink before heading out.
  2. East Arenas Rd hosts a slew of gay bars all within all within a few hundred feet of each other.

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Screen Shot 2014-03-04 at 3.30.39 PMManAboutWorld Correspondent Paul Teixeira recently visited San Diego with his fine-tuned ear to the ground for what’s new and exciting and worth traveling for.

Rich’s nightclub in San Diego, CA is one of the longest running and favorite gay circuit clubs in the city, and quite possibly even in California. This large two-room venue holds constantly updated state-of-the-art sound, lighting, and effects along with numerous regular and special themed parties all throughout the year.

Oh, and did I mention they have a super hot staff of bartenders and gogo boys? This past Saturday, Feb 22, 2014, was one of their semi-regular military themed parties called “Active Duty.” San Diego has a  relevant current and past history of local military service, and this party both honors that and satisfies the hot gay military fantasies many of us have. It was extremely satisfying to see how the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” has propagated into daily life. Rich’s asks, and the military personnel proudly tell, showing their IDs to get in for free. The club is transformed and decked out with a military themed atmosphere and even has a body painter on staff for those wanting a little camouflage. Check out their facebook profile for details and great pictures of all the fun this club brings to town.

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Oasis Sens 4 gays at poolOur ManAboutWorld correspondent Paul VanDeCarr visited the Oasis Sens, an adult-only, all-inclusive resort in Cancún, Mexico. Was it as gay friendly as they promoted? Read our new column CheckOut and, well, check it out.

An “adults-only” resort hotel on the beach featuring outdoor pools, multiple restaurants with various cuisines and a friendly but not obsequious staff. Plenty of entertainments and activities such as Spanish lessons, yoga sessions, stage shows at the “Kinky Club” and cheesy but fun Mayan dance performances out by the pool. Small-to-moderate complaints like problems with the key cards or untidy spots in the common areas prevent the Oasis Sens from being a luxury hotel, if that’s what you’re looking for. The feel here is of folks splurging on a little easygoing beach vacay: the straight lady from Kansas who seemed to relish going topless, the college boy recommending “Dude, you totally have to go into the ocean wasted!!”, the middle-aged Russians in on the direct flight from Moscow, the trash-talking dykes from Dallas and the cute queeny 20-something gay friends from New York.

In Cancún’s hotel zone, which feels about “authentic” Mexican as a Taco Bell. But the real attraction here is the beach, which is gorgeous. To go directly to and from the airport you have to take a shuttle (about US $15) or taxi (about US $30) respectively. Or you can take a US $1 bus ride downtown, and from there catch a cheap “colectivo” van to the airport. Downtown itself is a bit of a hike—too far to walk—though it sports a couple fun gay clubs. Don’t confuse the Oasis Sens with its sister property down the road, the Grand Oasis Cancún, which has the reputation of being a party hotel for drunk college students.

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TWC take over of a casino bar probably created its hottest night ever

This is normally the boring bar in a mainstream casino.

By Boston-based Global Correspondent Allister Chang

Boston-based The Welcoming Committee is bringing an innovative spirit of lighthearted activism into the world of gay travel. The TWC’s recent “take overs” of ski resorts, casinos, and other destinations have brought together a range of gay Bostonians. “Soon we’ll take over Cancun for Spring Break,” says Ashley Lucas, a recent hire who spearheaded the “Flannel Takeover” movement (GQBs organized specifically for our lesbian sisters).

TWC has reshaped the landscape of gay nightlife in Boston with their monthly Guerilla Queer Bars (GQB). On the first Friday of each month, TWC “takes over one of the douchiest bars in Boston.”  What Daniel initially began as a joke with 20 friends expanded to over a thousand participants by the 5th event. 

TWC was named “best gay bar” by Boston Magazine in 2012.  “The funny thing about this award,” the founder of TWC Daniel Heller joked, “is that we aren’t a bar!”  

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Andy  is a tourism PR professional and frequent business traveler. In his job as communications director for Visit West Hollywood, he seeks to make connections with media and travelers around the world. He frequently visits New  York, Sydney and London, and loves seeking out up-and-coming neighborhoods and getting a feel for how people live. He’s an avid fan of anywhere with beaches, sunshine and people who know how to mix business with pleasure.

Follow him on InstagramFacebook and Twitter.

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DSC_0013Haven Caylor is a ManAboutWorld Global Correspondent, father to two incredibly cute kids and one of our “Gay Traveling Dads.” He and his husband recently took Ammon and Carter to the Colorado Rockies for a family ski vacation.

I almost fell (it would have been worth it) as I looked over my shoulder at Carter and Ammon skiing down behind me on Fairway Run at Copper Mountain on February 7, 2014.  I skied ahead another 20 yards, slowed way down, started a wide turn so they could hear me and yelled up, “Great job, Carter! Great job, Ammon!” I then turned down the hill and couldn’t stop smiling. When we all stopped at the Kokomo Ski Lift, we celebrated with high fives and a group hug. We were so proud! We had another sporting activity we could enjoy as a family.

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PhillyThatsSoGay Philadelphia’s Library Company  opens a gay history exhibit today: That’s So Gay: Outing Early America, that looks at the questions of how we can know whether a person who lived in the past would be called lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender today.

While there’s no way to definitively answer these questions, the exhibit looks at the evidence of individuals who took part in same-sex relationships, wrote poems and novels celebrating such relationships, deviated from gender norms, and suffered for transgressive behavior in ways that are well-documented in the historical record. No surprise it’s happening in Philadelphia, the city that tapped Miss Richfield to demonstrate its dual appeal of history and gay nightlife.


The exhibit is open weekdays through October 17th, but ManAboutWorld suggests visiting in early March, so you can also attend the LGBT party at the Philadelphia Flower Show on March 2.  For more information on where to stay, eat and play in Philadelphia, check out the most recent coverage in this month’s ManAboutWorld Magazine.

If you’re visiting it may be tempting to hop back on a train to New York, Baltimore or DC if you’re from one of these nearby metropolises but the city really is more fun when you stay over. The thoughtful team at VisitPhilly  has made it easier with the enticing VisitPhilly Overnight Hotel package, including (among other events and benefits) the incredibly fun PHS. Philadelphia Flower Show.

Photos courtesy: Library Company.

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Chris at Gothafoss for MAW

C.F. Cooper inherited the travel itch from his globetrotting grandmother and has been on the move ever since. His exploits have been chronicled in Out &, and Witchvox and have spanned six of the seven continents. Based in his native Manhattan, Cooper will go anywhere for a rare bird, a mythic insight, or the grist for another of his wild stories. Or he’ll sit in the dark and watch a movie.

You can connect with him at or on Twitter @cf_cooper.

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 iceland use

Our Global Correspondent and Iceland native Hannes Pálsson grew up in the absence of  TVs and computers during his childhood leading him to a live of exploration and real-world experiences. This sense of adventure has propelled him to visit over 30 countries thus far and join  Pink Iceland, the country’s only LGBT tour company. We spoke to him about his love of Iceland and his passion for travel, and we selected his journeys as this month’s Parting Shots in our magazine. Here’s the expanded story and more of his photos.

1. Why do you love to travel?

My favorite thing about traveling in Iceland as opposed to my usual city breaks is the feeling of constant awe. I love the fact that I am made to feel small, humbled, by Mother Nature, rather than human achievement. Never have I felt more connected to something greater than the sum of human achievement than when traveling around Iceland

2. How far in advance do you plan your trips?

I seldom plan more than a couple of months in advance and more often then not I get sent a good deal and end up panic booking hotels for the following week!

3. Who do you travel with?

I love traveling on my own but I tend to travel more with my partner or my friends these days. I also try to go on holiday with my extended family every two or three years. Read on for the rest of the interview and for some gorgeous photos of Iceland!

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look_trailer_screengrab looking


What did you think of HBO’s Looking which debuted Sunday, January 19? LA Times loved it. How did SF look?


Like just about every gay man in America we are eagerly anticipating Looking, HBO’s new series about three men in San Francisco seeking love debuting tonight (Sunday, January 19).

If you decide to head to San Francisco to look for yourself, be sure to download our San Francisco article. Get an “all access” subscription with this special offer here and download the November 2012 issue and get ready to leave your heart in San Francisco.

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Auston landscape shot

Auston grew up in Phoenix before escaping to Chicago in 2008. He worked as an engineer for six years before deciding to quit his office job and travel around the world with his husband. Since early 2012, they have traveled to nearly 50 countries across the globe and run the travel blog TwoBadTourists.

Auston currently works part-time as a freelance engineer and travel writer, while continuing to explore Europe and beyond from his home base in Madrid. His ridiculous organization, travel savvy and financial planning has helped provide the ability to travel indefinitely.

Follow Auston on his blog or Facebook.

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