Circuit Festival 2015: Your Planning Guide

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Barcelona Circuit Festival 2015 in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

Burning hot & wet

Welcome readers, especially those from Towleroad. Below is a continuation of the article on Barcelona's Circuit Festival 2015. Click here to read the Towleroad portion of the article. Otherwise, continue on to get you planning guide for Barcelona Circuit Festival and Circuit Ibiza.

Wristbands can be purchased online for around 330 euros, whereas one party may run you close to 40 euros, and at 20 parties in 12 days, it becomes quite costly. Wristbands also mean no waiting in long lines. You can also find them at the host hotel.

Matinee (the party producer) organizes busses leaving Plaza Catalunya to most of the out-of-town events Barcelona Circuit Festival 2015 in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine— which are many, and as much as an hour’s ride away. These busses are the best way to get around and — at 5 euros each way payable onboard —the cheapest. The bus will drop you at the party and return to the plaza, or onto the next party), so you don’t have to worry about figuring it out. But be mindful of the departure time: At the end of the party there are many more people than busses, often entailing a wait. We recommend leaving an hour before the events end if you’re using the bus.

Also remember that you’re in Spain and things run on a very late schedule. Most of the night time parties don’t truly get going until around 2am, and all events in the city of Barcelona have a hard close at 6 am. You’ll see the Spaniards arrive between 2 and 3 am. There will be people out earlier, but mostly tourists. Do as the locals do and have dinner at 9pm, drinks at midnight, and head out afterwards.

So you’ve got your wristband, but you don’t know which crazed, over-the-top parties to attend. Our one rule of thumb when it comes to Circuit in Barcelona is this: If you don’t go to the Water Park Party, you haven’t been to Circuit. This party, taking over the entire water park with a flood of more than 11,000 gays, is the number-one party of the entire 12 days. For an experience you’ll never forget, head into the middle of the wave pool packed with thousands of Speedo-clad hot wet and horny muscle boys from around the world. Then, just wait until the music really starts pumping, the boys start splashing, and the adrenaline surges as you become lost in a sea of crashing waves and hot men. It is, in a single moment, a microcosm of what Circuit is all about. Oh yes, and there are water rides too. It’s an amazing day. Here’s a cute/silly promotional video that gives you a sense of the sexy exuberance of the Water Park Party.

Barcelona Circuit Festival 2015, ManAboutWorld gay travel magazineScheduled for Tuesday, August 11 this year, this event consists of two parties: the outdoor party (10am-10pm) and the “Night party”, which is indoors (10pm-6am). Although the night party is also located within the park, you’ll have to pay separately. Find more information here.  We suggest arriving at the park during the daytime, ideally around 2 pm, when the sun is out and you can splash in the pool, enjoy the water rides, or find a cocktail in the shade. Once the sun has retreated and the skies turn purple, things cool down, and the clubby vibe is heightened a bit. But stay for the fireworks at the end.

Be sure to bring a change of clothes. Lockers and showers are available, but fill up very early and can have long lines. The park has several food vendors so you need not worry about leaving the park to eat. The park is about an hour from Plaza Catalunya, but the bus is efficient and the ride fun in both directions. We don’t recommend taking a taxi here, and there is no public transport.

The other two must-go parties are the the “Main Party” on Saturday, August 15 and the “Closing Party” on the beach in Sitges at L’Atlantida on Sunday, August 16. The Main Party is a spectacle of sound and sizzling bodies set in one of Barcelona’s biggest venues. And the Closing Party is the perfect ending outdoors on the beach on a summer Sunday afternoon. Note that if you are buying tickets a la carte, both typically sell out early.

As for the other parties, we have a few favorites, although nothing has been confirmed on the schedule yet. Typically, top promoters and clubs from around the world are represented. In years past we’ve loved The Week Party from the eponymous Brazilian mega club. Matinee Pervert and La Leche are two other must-attend parties that have come to define the event. Ibiza makes its presence felt with the crazy Supermartxe party. Check the Circuit website

Check here for a full schedule of events listed for the event.


Twenty parties in 12 days can become overbearing not to mention exhausting. Luckily, this is Barcelona, one of the world’s great cities for architecture, food, culture, and scenic beauty. So if you’re feeling burnt out or you just need a change of scenery (or a real meal), here are a few suggestions.

During the day, you can (sort of) escape to Barcelona’s world famous gay beach Mar Bella, perfect

The TWO HOTEL Barcelona in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

Dip into the Two Barcelona Hotel

between the hours of 9am and 2am, where we love to spend the day lounging by the little “chiringuitos” — bar/restaurants on the beach itself — and watch the hot bodies, swimming, lying in the sand, drinking, playing volleyball and just cruising. It’s a mellow vibe where we usually run into friends and just hang out on beach while the boys are off partying. At night, the scene amps up and the boys come out for drinking and dancing until the early morning hours. The best chiringuito is gay-central El Chiringuito de la Mar Bella.

We’ve also been known to take a day off and hit the art galleries or the theater. This is the home country of Picasso, after all, and we try to see the Museo Picasso whenever we return. The Teatro Romea,  located in the plaza de Julián Romea, is world-renown for its productions, but it’s the architecture that wowed us most: The inside is like a Gothic cathedral — a wondrous space to enjoy a live performance.


Barcelona has some of the best food in the world, but for Circuit, we find it best to stick with what’s nearby and gay-centric, yet still delicious. For breakfast, the lesbian-owned Café Te Quiero does it right with fresh croissants and coffee for just €3. The cafe also has a set lunch menu for about €10; we usually have the steak with fries and a salad, which never disappoints. The patrons are mostly gay, and the cafe is just a few blocks from the Plaza Catalunya. There’s no better breakfast place than the centrally located Brunch & Cake, right in the heart of the gay district. At least once during your stay, head to La Boqueria, one of the best markets in any city, and grab some fruits, eggs, and protein to make a homemade breakfast in your apartment. Even if you don’t plan to buy, the market makes for an exquisite stroll on a calm day before a night of high-energy clubbing. The counter restaurants there are uniformly excellent, just pull up a seat and enjoy. For something a bit more upscale and theatrical, try the culinary carnival that is Tickets, opened a couple of years ago by the brother duo of Ferran and Albert Adria that’s earned raves for its inventive cuisine and ambience that that feels more like a festival than a dining experience. You’ll have to reserve exactly 60 days in advance to get a “ticket” but it’s worth the trouble.

Las Ramblas can be touristy, with no food worth trying. Stick to the area north of Gran Via around Rambla Catalyuna, where you’ll find a few terrific tapas bars for a snack or lunch that won’t break the bank. Ciudad Condal is excellent and always packed with locals, as is the ever-popular Cervaseria CatalanaLa Flauta serves some of the best tapas in town in the heart of the Gay Eixample.

Barcelonetta (an old fishermen’s neighborhood) is still the best place for traditional Spanish paella. While Carrer del Mar is lined with touristy seafood places, we’d recommend Restaurant Can Majo, a mouthwatering seafood restaurant. Or meander the medieval streets of the historic district of El Borne and check out Restaurant 7 Portes, a fabled restaurant with great local food. It was a favorite of Orson Welles, Picasso and Federico Garcia Lorca.

Finally, if you’re looking for a unique fine dining experience that encapsulates the rich textures and flavors of Catalan cuisine, try Cinc Sentits for a sensory tour of the region. Gresca serves up incredible creative dishes from a tiny kitchen. Both are relative bargains for food and setting of this caliber.

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