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We love the Czech Republic. We visited last spring and keep thinking about it. Download our (FREE!) guide via and enjoy 15,000 words on the Czech Republic and a whole lotta words on the other fabulous destinations in the latest issue.

Czech Republic in ManAboutWorld

Czech Out the Czech Republic

Most travelers equate the Czech Republic with Prague, this proud nation’s capital and largest city. Prague is one of the world’s must-visit cities, providing a glorious walk through history and a satisfying taste of urban sophistication. However Czech (as the cool kids say) is much more than the City of a Hundred Spires (in fact, at last count there were 500). This tiny country — roughly the size of South Carolina — packs in a wide range of experiences in a small area from gastronomy and outdoor opportunities to castles, spas, hiking, biking and cave exploration.

We spent a week exploring the Czech Republic with a visit to Brno, the second largest city, and the undulating Moravian countryside in the nation’s southeast. You could easily spend another week or two exploring other parts of this diverse land but for most North Americans a seven-day itinerary provides a whole lot of fabulous Central Europeanness to “Czech” off your travel to-do list.

Is it safe for LGBTQ travelers?

In a word, absolutely! A number of Central and Eastern European countries are tainted with the reputation for anti-LGBTQ Czech Republic in ManAboutWorldsentiment and even violence. Not so Czech. In fact there is some legal recognition of same-sex couples. And in society, the word we kept hearing was ‘tolerance.’ That’s not the prettiest of words, however it means something slightly different here. Local LGBTQ people are tolerated as long as they respect the overall culture, as long as they don’t try to attract attention to themselves as special. This is partially a legacy of the communist era when perceptions of even slight differences among comrades could elicit curiosity, envy or resentment. Also, Czechs aren’t deeply religious so there’s little anti-gay animus fueled by churches.

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