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Plaza de Mayo, gay Buenos Aires in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

Plaza de Mayo

ManAboutWorld correspondent Michael Siebert (below right) recently visited Argentina with stops in gay Buenos Aires and the wine-region of Mendoza. Here’s the first of three updates from his visit.

Everyone likes to call Buenos Aires, the Paris of South America.  Let’s be frank, it is nothing like Paris; in fact, it looks like Madrid.  There is dog shit everywhere and the sidewalks are a wreck so you have to look down at all times.  If you look at the sky or a hot guy, you will find yourself in pile of dog shit or in the hospital with a brace.  However, Buenos Aires is a city full of life, very late night life, but full of life and excitement.  I plan to give you all the best tips after three visits to this amazing city, the lovely and gay Buenos Aires.

I like to start the day with coffee.  Since living in Australia, I have become a coffee snob.  At least the Australians know I can be trusted.  Here are the best choices:

  1. Coffee.  

Full City Coffee House, Thames 1535, in Palermo.  The staff is lovely and they make the best macchiato in town.  The coffee isManAboutWorld correspondent Michael Siebert visited gay Buenos Aires, Argentinasmooth and rich.  In addition, they roast their own beans in another location in the city.  LAB, located at Humbolt 1542, Palermo, is also a barista school; however, I found their coffee bitter and the espresso was overly tamped and it was brewed automatically.  It is a nice, new lovely atmosphere.

Lattente Cafe on Thames 1891 in Palermo provides excellent coffee; however, no wifi, no newspapers, no other drinks, just good coffee. It is always packed.

  1. Gyms.  

Most gyms here have outdated equipment in Buenos Aires.  You are in Buenos Aires, so, behave like a local and hit the pavement and make your way to a park.  The best park to exercise at is Libertador Park, which is in the eastern part of the city; however, there are parks everywhere in the city.  This is a very noisy area of the city; so, you may want to stay nearby, but make a housing choice west of Av. Santa Fe.  Anything east of Av. Santa Fe you better bring your earplugs.  For those diabetics in the gay community, you can even get your blood pressure and blood sugar checked in the park.  Yes.  It is true.  If you really want a gym, then consider Always Gym (a monthly membership is 650 pesos) or Megatlon.  The 24-hour thing has not caught on here besides partying all night long.


Brandon, located at Fitz Roy 1722, is a gorgeous place to hang out and have a coffee, food or a strong Gante, artsenal Belgian beer.  The best part is this:  it is open all day long unlike most cafes.  If you are hungry, want a beer, coffee or anything, this is your signature spot.  

The Steve, El Salvador 4968, Palermo, is a cool hip tapas bar with a very unassuming entrance.  You can easily miss it.  You will be surprised what is behind the boring black door.  A reservation is suggested.

Heisenburger has two locations.  Clearly, the burger craze, has caught on in Buenos Aires.  This place has many choices and delicious unique burgers.

On Tap is for beer lovers and anyone who loves “chips”.  Being an “Aussie” now, I am  no longer allowed to say “french fries.“ In addition, you will be presented with six different dipping sauces.  

La Carniceria Parrilla and Ahumados.  Make a reservation!  I repeat, make a reservation.  Do not miss this opportunity to eat well in Buenos Aires. Trust me.  This is a small intimate venue with amazing food; then, go dance it all off at 2 AM somewhere.

  1. Nightlife

Alsina, Adolfo Alsina 940, is a monthly dance party (be sure to check dates) and definitely worth a visit.  More information here.

Crobar/Rheo, Av del Libertador 3886.  Rheo and Crobar are the same, just depends on the day that you choose to go.  Friday and Saturday nights are for dancing here.

Out and About Pub Crawl.  On my last Saturday in Buenos Aires, I decided to sign up for the local gay pub crawl.  It happens every Saturday and the locations may vary; in addition, it may include free entry into Crobar/Rheo.  Leo, our guide, was excellent and I made several new lovely friends (from all over the world) along the way.  Don’t miss out on this one.  A fantastic way to meet and make new friends in Buenos Aires.

Peuteo, Gurruchaga 1867, is a local small gay gay with excellent and attractive bartenders.  Peuteo was one of the bars on the Out and About Pub Crawl.

  1. Accommodations

Please stay for one week or two.  It is a sin to spend less time here.  

BY Argentina is great service that I have used two times and have been very happy with their service.  Reliable.  Responsible.  Easy.  You can book online; however, you must pay in USD upon arrival in full.  This is normal here.  Choose your area wisely online.  Remember what I said about noise.  Stay away from the big avenues.  

Hotels.  All hotels listed are in great quiet locations (Palermo area) and convenient to many locations that I have discussed in this article.

Hotel 1828, Fray Justo Sta. Maria de Oro 182.  Small boutique hotel with a lovely pool and very comfortable beds.

Hotel Nuss, El Salvador 4916.  An old Spanish convent converted into a small trendy hotel.

Hotel Mine, Gorriti 4770.  Small boutique “green” hotel in with excellent staff.

We’ll publish more Buenos Aires information on this site in the next few days including Michael’s exploration of San Telmo and a visit to the wine-soaked Mendoza region. Be sure to check back! 

Update December 2: Here’s part 2 of gay Buenos Aires focusing on the San Telmo neighborhood.

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