Gay in Ethiopia & More: Your Gay Travel News Update

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The president in Africa and being gay in Ethiopia, in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

President Obama in Africa

This informative gay travel news update is brought to you by toManAboutWorld correspondent Ashton Giese who recently celebrated a successful first year of the indispensable Geography which talks about being Gay in Ethiopia and more.

In this week’s gay travel news brief, check out details on what it’s like to be gay in Ethiopia —where President Obama just visited. Who would have imagined just a few years ago that an African-American President would speak out for LGBT rights in Africa?

Meanwhile Russia has fined a children’s LGBT site and plans to ban gay-themed emojis.Whether you’re off to Vietnam or Vancouver for Pride — or maybe just down south to Charleston — you’ll be able to don your Boy Scout uniform since leaders as well as scouts can now be out and proud (though locales have discretion relating to openly gay leaders).

Get all the details for LGBT travel in this week’s GAYography brief.

This gay travel news column is brought to you by Ashton Giese, gay travel magazine ManAboutWorld correspondent and editor of the GAYography newsbrief.

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