Information is Free.
Your time isn’t.

The internet has made it much easier to plan your own travel. It’s also made it much easier to repair your own dishwasher, but who tries to do that?  Sure, lots of information is free, but your time is more valuable than ever.

The right recommendations can really make your trip:

  • Scoring an airline upgrade.
  • Finding a hotel with a great vibe and a great location.
  • Discovering a restaurant with authentic charm and delicious food.
  • Knowing which bar is the most popular on a Sunday night.

How long would that take you on google, tripadvisor and yelp? Who can you trust on facebook or foursquare?

ManAboutWorld leverages the social intelligence of a global team of experts with hours of research and fact-checking that you don’t have time to do.

Multiple destinations per issue, ten issues per year = insider access to 100 destinations. Is it worth the price of a few cocktails? Subscribe today.

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