Renaming La Guardia airport? How About Something Gay!

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La Guardia Airport redesigned, ManAboutWorld gay travel magazineIs it time to rename La Guardia airport? With the proposed (much-needed and long-overdue) re-do of La Guardia, today’s New York Times asks this timely question:

Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo has declared that the $4 billion rebuilding planned at La Guardia Airport in Queens will amount to replacing the airport “in its entirety.”

So is it time, after 76 years, to replace the name, too?

It was the first airport in New York City proper and a marvel at the time of its opening. Today the airport is dated, crowded and inadequate.

Is there any queer name that might make sense? How about Amelia Earhart? Or perhaps Ed Koch? Maybe name it for the grandfather of gay travel, Hanns Ebensten. Or maybe something else. Let us know if you have any ideas via the Facebook link below.

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Photo: Gov. Andrew Cuomo

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  1. edsalvato

    Anything but La Guradia! Too many tainted memories of being stuck in that awful place.

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