LGBTQ Travel Safety

LGBTQ travel safety in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazineLGBTQ people visit all of the same places we live: everywhere. And while travel has inherent risks for everyone, LGBTQ people face additional risks — particulalry in places where sexual orientation or gender identity are criminalized or marginalized, but also in places where laws protect and recognize their equal rights. Whether we choose to go, or have to go — ­for business, family or other reasons— LGBTQ travelers face additional layers of complexity when travel can be challenging and stressful under the best of circumstances.

This guide is designed to help LGBTQ travelers navigate those layers, including some that are specific to lesbians, or gay men and/or transgender and non-binary travelers.

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We have gathered the most reliable and current online resources, and collected insights, anecdotes and recommendations to help you travel more safely, comfortably, confidently, productively and enjoyably. Our contributors are among the most important and influential voices in the LGBTQ business and travel worlds: leaders in LGBTQ rights, nationally-acclaimed journalists, CEOs and business leaders, celebrated travel pioneers and other influencers in the political, business, and travel worlds, who bring their decades of experience travelling around the globe to inspire all of us to be safer, better connected, and more engaged with local cultures in a way that feels personally, politically and culturally sound.

We have asked this list of accomplished world travelers to relay personal anecdotes, savvy guidance, and their knowledge and resources to help better guide you through the main issues that face LGBTQ travelers today. The experience of gender, sexuality and personal expression is different for everyone, and our experts’ guidance is nuanced and specific to their experiences. Use their best practices not as instructions, but as a map to your own.

The publication and free distribution of this guide was made possible by AIG Travel.  Travel Insurance and Global Assistance plans like TravelGuard from AIG Travel are one of the best ways to keep yourself safe wherever you travel. Don’t forget to pack it.