Ronnie D’Amico

Ronnie D’Amico

Living in San Francisco, and new to the West Coast, Ronnie explores his new surroundings with the eyes of a life-long East Coaster. Born a Jersey boy, he has called Boston, New York City and South Florida home. Ronnie has a deep background in the travel and tourism industry, previously leading domestic and international public relations for the Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism, and public affairs for that state’s convention centers.

Ronnie believes “everything is copy” – meaning every experience, the breathtaking or heartbreaking, is writing material to share with others.

He travels to experience life outside of his own, connecting with vibrant and unexpected destinations, experiences and communities. He has traveled extensively throughout Europe, North America and the Caribbean.

Ronnie currently works in corporate communications for a global ad agency and advocating for the LGBT community. He developed and published the ad industry’s first-ever LGBT mobile device habits study, recognized by the Human Rights Campaign, and published in Advertising Age.

Ronnie has a journalism degree from Northeastern University.

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