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Mr. Jordaan hotel, Amsterdam in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazineOur correspondent, Jason Paul, explored Amsterdam and found the inexpensive Mr. Jordaan Jason Paul writing for ManAboutWorld gay travel magazinehotel in Amsterdam. Here’s his report for this month’s Radar:

While there’s nothing overtly gay about it, every detail in this boutique hotel — from shiny copper to the clever little notes everywhere feel like family. Are we biased because we scored room 69? Probably.

Mr. Jordaan hotel info:

Mr. Jordaan hotel, Amsterdam in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine


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Amsterdam in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine


ManAboutWorld global correspondent Paul Bachant (below) visited Amsterdam, exploring beyond the Netherlands’ most visited city to bring you these easy-to-get-to but off-the-radar Amsterdam day trips.

If you are in Amsterdam and want to take a deeper dive into Dutch culture, a day trip is the perfect way to see more of the delights that Holland has to offer. There are a variety of destinations less than two hours away by train or car. We recently ventured out for a self-guided tour of the surrounding countryside where we saw windmills, quaint villages, tulip gardens and eclectic museums. This is the Holland of everyone’s imagination.

The first stop on our journey was Zaanse Schans, located just 30 minutes north of the city. The region of Zaandam was an important industrial center during the 18th and 19th centuries which led to the construction of the iconic windmills that dot the landscape. The well-preserved warehouses and workshops recall another era. You can easily get there by train from Amsterdam Central Station and a convenient ferry service runs during the summer.

Amsterdam in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

Moving on and ready for lunch, we headed further north to the charming village of De Rijp. Here, colorful cottages line languid canals, which are crossed by wooden drawbridges traditional to the area. The village boasts several brick buildings from the Golden Age, a towering church with famous stained-glass windows, plus some great restaurants and shops.

Next, we headed south to the Keukenhof Gardens, where for a few weeks in the spring you can ogle the ornate flower beds in their multi-hued splendor. Surrounding the structured gardens are the vast fields of vivid tulips for which Holland is so famous. Don’t be alarmed by the overwhelming crowds at the entrance. Once inside you will be able to stroll along pathways and soak in the beauty in relative peace.

Amsterdam in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

If you are not here during flower season, a stop in Haarlem is an excellent alternative to Keuekenhof. Aside from the historic center, this beautiful city has two fascinating museums worth visiting: the Frans Hals Museum which houses the works of one of the greatest painters of the Golden Age and the Teylers Museum, one of the oldest in Europe, which showcases art, natural history and science in its collection of books, scientific instruments, drawings, painting and fossils. Haarlem is only 20 minutes by train from Amsterdam Central Station.

For more information about Amsterdam day trips and dozens of other must-go gay-popular destinations around the world, download ManAboutWorld for your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

Paul Bachant, Amsterdam in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

Paul Bachant

Paul Bachant founded Insider Voyages to share his passion and expertise with those on a journey of discovery. Connect with Paul on Facebook, Instagram or at He also took the three Amsterdam photos above.

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Big Ben in London, ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

Big Ben

Our editor Ed Salvato is on a European tour, currently in London for the week. He updated us with a few images from his trip, including these. Check back here, on our Instagram feed or on Facebook over the next two weeks to see photos from  his travels and those of our colleague Billy Kolber who’s also in Europe on this Uniworld river cruise sailing from Basel, Switzerland to Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

G-A-Y gay club in London, ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine


The London Eye in London, ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

The London Eye

For more photos, click ‘read more’ below

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Matt Stabile is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of You can read his writings, watch his travel videos, purchase the book he co-edited or contact him via email at any time at  The Expeditioner Travel Site

1.   Why do you love travel?

I love to travel for probably the reason most travelers do: meeting new people, discovering new cultures, learning about other destinations, trying new food and getting out of my comfort zone. I also love to travel when it involves me leaving cold North American and heading somewhere warm.

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amsterdamOur correspondent Louis Boshoff sent us this colorful photo of Conchita Wurst at the very recent Amsterdam Pride!

Conchita Wurst, the winner of Eurovision 2014 and neo-ambassador for gay rights, has helped Amsterdam solidify its position as one of the leading European hosts of Gay Pride. It remains one of the continent’s most unique pride events and has become an event that is embraced by the entire city. From elderly couples to the young and restless take time out in a celebration of tolerance and acceptance. If you’re doing some advanced travel planning be sure to keep Amsterdam Gay Pride in mind; it is extremely well organized with next year’s party agenda already out featuring circuit parties and themed events planned at the participating venues.

We covered Amsterdam in our Dec. 2012 issue. Click here to subscribe!

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The gay, funky, hipster neighborhood of Noord in Amsterdam.

The gay, funky, hipster neighborhood of Noord in Amsterdam.

Our intrepid Berlin Correspondent, Adam Groffman, just returned from four days in Amsterdam. Always the hipster, Adam explored the little-known neighborhood of Noord, reminiscent of London’s East End, if a bit grittier, and full of artists warehouses, parks, beaches, industrial chic bars serving organic food.

Read about Adam’s Dutch adventure over at his blog, Travels of Adam. For our full insider’s guide to Amsterdam, check out our Dec. 2012 issue here. 

Photo credit: Adam Groffman



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This article samples one originally published in Iberia Airline’s blog Love2Fly. To read the rest of this article, click here or the link below.

When it comes to LGBT travel, few experiences are as rewarding as travel to Europe. There’s such an amazing variety of cultures, environments, climates, and experiences – all on the most liberal continent on the planet, thanks to the encouraging social (r)evolutions of the 21st century, making most of Europe an ever more gay-friendly destination. There are hundreds of welcoming cities large and small, as well as towns and rural areas, which I could steer you to, depending on your interests, but let me start off by highlighting a handful of the top most prominent, and you could say gay-friendliest:


Say ‘Amsterdam’ and your mind conjures contradictory images, both sublime and profane: Rembrandt and peep shows, coffee shops and cannabis, cobbled streets and red light districts, historic canals and sleazy bars. After all these years, the city remains the godfather of gay pride and the birthplace of LGBT rights, rebellious and uninhibited, and as effortlessly beautiful as ever. The world’s first legal gay and lesbian nuptials were officiated here, and the Homomonument first gay monument was constructed here more than a quarter century ago. The queer scene in Amsterdam is one of the largest in Europe and boasts more than a hundred gay and lesbian bars, clubs, saunas, shops, and hotels. Though summer is the most crowded and fun, Amsterdam attracts visitors all year with gay-oriented events like Pink Christmas in December and King’s Day in April (we of course preferred when it was called Queen’s Day (ahem), but it’s still way popular with gay girls and boys). Flights from Spain, from the USA


As an urban destination, the capital of the Catalonia region is as close to the total package as it gets – a stylish culinary, cultural, nightlife, and design capital with its own spectacular architectural flavour (hello, Gaudí!) and great beaches even right in town, not to mention nearby: The fetching Mediterranean seaside town of Sitges (above), a half hour south, is one of Europe’s top gay resorts. Barcelona has arrived on the gay circuit with a party called, well, Circuit, which attracts thousands of men every August, and following that there’s Girlie Circuit Lesbians for las chicas. Then of course there’s Barcelona’s “Gaixample” – ground zero for a large, diverse (twinks to bears and beyond), and active LGBT scene and community. There are scores of fabulous places to stay, eat, and play gay – but virtually the whole city is welcoming, so spread your rainbow-hued wings. Flights from the UK, from the USA

Click here to discover the other fabulous destinations Ed wrote about.

Ed Salvato is editor in chief of ManAboutWorld, the world’s first gay travel magazine created for iPad (and soon Android tablets) only. Click here for a special three-month free subscription offer.

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