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Buckingham Palace in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

Buckingham Palace

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth returned to Buckingham Palace last month as the longest-reigning British monarch. True to her reign, she returned to host the Chinese delegation. Werq!  Every August and September, Her Majesty’s subjects and royal watchers worldwide have a rare opportunity to tour the grand public rooms of Buckingham Palace. Even if you are not invited to one of the queen’s elegant garden parties, you can certainly spend a weekend in London and you too can live like a king or queen. ManAboutWorld correspondent Jeff Guaracino tells you how to plan on your own royal visit next year.

A visit to the palace is extraordinary — even when the queen is not in residence. This year’s tour, which ended Sept. 28, is called A Royal Welcome, and takes you through the public rooms of Buckingham Palace to experience what it is like to attend an event at the invitation of Her Majesty The Queen. Ticket prices are about 20 pounds (about $30.50) and benefit the Royal Trust Collection. A walk through the gardens ends your trip (after you depart the gift shop!). Check the site and start planning for next year’s tour. 

As you enter the palace, you follow in the footsteps of heads of state, prime ministers and all the other guests from every walk of life by entering the palace’s state rooms through the grand entrance. Your can imagine yourself arriving to the palace as a royal as you pass by an Australian stagecoach, displayed at the grand-entrance portico, where Her Majesty departs and returns to Buckingham Palace by carriage for ceremonial processions.

The palace ballroom is set for a state banquet, with the table dressed with silver-gilt centerpieces and a candelabra from George IV’s magnificent grand service. It is the showstopper of the tour. You can almost hear the music and the toast — it’s a real treat to see the event from the queen’s perspective right behind her chair.


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Big Ben in London, ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

Big Ben

Our editor Ed Salvato is on a European tour, currently in London for the week. He updated us with a few images from his trip, including these. Check back here, on our Instagram feed or on Facebook over the next two weeks to see photos from  his travels and those of our colleague Billy Kolber who’s also in Europe on this Uniworld river cruise sailing from Basel, Switzerland to Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

G-A-Y gay club in London, ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine


The London Eye in London, ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine

The London Eye

For more photos, click ‘read more’ below

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London Sky Garden in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazine, six cool places to goIn every issue of ManAboutWorld we bring you a slice of the gay world, including six cool places to go now in our City Seen section. This month hie thee to:


Sky Garden
London’s full of fabulous parks with our favorite ones consisting of the gorgeous trio of green expanses stretching west to east through the middle of the city: Hyde, Green and St. James. But on your next visit, go a little farther east to London’s business district then straight up 525 feet to the Sky Garden at 20 Fenchurch Street, a unique public space spanning three storeys and offering 360-degree views across the City of London. Wander around the beautifully landscaped gardens and an open-air terrace with a full-on view of the famous Shard, and grab a drink, coffee or snack and enjoy London’s highest public garden. Entrance is free though you have to reserve ahead of time via the site. This may sound horrible but on a recent visit there were no more spaces available so we booked as handicapped and got in. Photo: Ed Salvato


Le Marocain Restaurant (at La Mamounia)
La Mamounia is the most storied hotel in a city full of beautiful properties. It was recently shut down and lovingly and magnificently restored. Part of the experience Le Marocain Restaurant is passing through this storied palace. The restaurant, located in a traditional style riad centered around an inner courtyard, offers both traditional and contemporary cuisine. The salad course consists of a dozen small bowls of locally sourced ingredients (some quite spicy!). The movie-setting mood of the dining area is enhanced by the live traditional music and authentically attired (and handsome) waitstaff. 

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Brompton Cemetery, London

Spring in Brompton Cemetery, London; showing signs of life

Our Editor-in-chief visited London and sent back this photo from the Brompton Cemetery where a colorful hint of spring adorns the resting place of many notables from the mid 19th century and later.

According to the Royal Parks website:

Brompton Cemetery is one of Britain’s oldest and most distinguished garden cemeteries. It combines historic monuments, trees and wildlife with the stories of the remarkable people buried here. This beautiful landscape is the only Cemetery in the country owned by the Crown and managed by The Royal Parks on behalf of the nation.




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As featured in ManAboutWorld, the gay travel magazine

The Royal Baby, Prince George being held by his father

LONDON is one of the great cities of the world, and rarely do you need an excuse to go; the history, the art, the clubs, and the theater are reason enough. The city’s hot right now for a lot of reasons, and while some gay boys might want to hop the pond to see Tom Daley in his speedo, we have a few better reasons. Come April, Prince William and Kate Middleton will welcome their second baby into the world — and the world, as usual, will be watching. Don’t just watch! Go there and witness this historic event for yourself. Ignore those April showers and focus on the dynamic East End and the fantastic street markets. For official gay and lesbian London, click here.

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15We look toward this New Year with new ambitions and new journeys that beckon us. Fifteen of them, actually on our annual list: The 15 Gay Places To Go In 2015.  The places themselves aren’t gay (one of them still criminalizes homosexuality!) but if you are, this is the ultimate guide to the important, interesting and surprising destinations for the next twelve months. In the current issue, we’ll introduce you to the people, places and things you should know before booking any of them. Are you going? Have you been? Can you match the photos to the list of 15 gay places to go?

Washington, DC
New Orleans
Buenos Aires
St. Augustine, FL
Palm Springs

Continue to the full post to see the matches, and learn one good reason (among many) why each place is on our list of 15 gay places to go in 2015.

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bottega-prelibatoOn a warm corner of Rivington Street in Shoreditch exists this quaint little Italian eatery called Prelibato Bottega. It’s a small brick interior of just a handful of tables, handmade pastas, and great wine; it is one of London’s best surprises and one we’ve unearthed after many years of traveling across the pond. We covered London in-depth in our July/August 2013 issue that you can read by subscribing here to get more of our insider tips.


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40winksThis is 40 Winks, a non-conventional hotel (if you can even call it that…) in hip East London that has none of the homogeneity of amenities of a normal accommodation, and all of the wildcard style that makes it on of our favorite hidden gems. The hotel is just two rooms (and one large, shared bathroom) of rock & roll chic meets old-world Victorian pomp, and gives the feel of a personal home. There isn’t even a reception desk. It’s as if George Harrison or Jimmy Page have let you stay in their guesthouse for a few nights in the coolest part of town.  This is one of the coolest hotels in London, bar none.

We covered 40 Winks and all of London Town in our July/August 2013 issue. Click here to subscribe to get more of our insider tips and hidden favorites.

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This article samples one originally published in Iberia Airline’s blog Love2Fly. To read the rest of this article, click here or the link below.

When it comes to LGBT travel, few experiences are as rewarding as travel to Europe. There’s such an amazing variety of cultures, environments, climates, and experiences – all on the most liberal continent on the planet, thanks to the encouraging social (r)evolutions of the 21st century, making most of Europe an ever more gay-friendly destination. There are hundreds of welcoming cities large and small, as well as towns and rural areas, which I could steer you to, depending on your interests, but let me start off by highlighting a handful of the top most prominent, and you could say gay-friendliest:


Say ‘Amsterdam’ and your mind conjures contradictory images, both sublime and profane: Rembrandt and peep shows, coffee shops and cannabis, cobbled streets and red light districts, historic canals and sleazy bars. After all these years, the city remains the godfather of gay pride and the birthplace of LGBT rights, rebellious and uninhibited, and as effortlessly beautiful as ever. The world’s first legal gay and lesbian nuptials were officiated here, and the Homomonument first gay monument was constructed here more than a quarter century ago. The queer scene in Amsterdam is one of the largest in Europe and boasts more than a hundred gay and lesbian bars, clubs, saunas, shops, and hotels. Though summer is the most crowded and fun, Amsterdam attracts visitors all year with gay-oriented events like Pink Christmas in December and King’s Day in April (we of course preferred when it was called Queen’s Day (ahem), but it’s still way popular with gay girls and boys). Flights from Spain, from the USA


As an urban destination, the capital of the Catalonia region is as close to the total package as it gets – a stylish culinary, cultural, nightlife, and design capital with its own spectacular architectural flavour (hello, Gaudí!) and great beaches even right in town, not to mention nearby: The fetching Mediterranean seaside town of Sitges (above), a half hour south, is one of Europe’s top gay resorts. Barcelona has arrived on the gay circuit with a party called, well, Circuit, which attracts thousands of men every August, and following that there’s Girlie Circuit Lesbians for las chicas. Then of course there’s Barcelona’s “Gaixample” – ground zero for a large, diverse (twinks to bears and beyond), and active LGBT scene and community. There are scores of fabulous places to stay, eat, and play gay – but virtually the whole city is welcoming, so spread your rainbow-hued wings. Flights from the UK, from the USA

Click here to discover the other fabulous destinations Ed wrote about.

Ed Salvato is editor in chief of ManAboutWorld, the world’s first gay travel magazine created for iPad (and soon Android tablets) only. Click here for a special three-month free subscription offer.

images | Mike SlichenmyerCaptn_JackJörg Kanngiesser


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Photo by Adam Groffman

Photo by Adam Groffman

Our peripatetic Global Correspondent Adam Groffman recently visited London, which was our big cover feature in our July/August issue (on Apple’s newsstand now!) Here’s his report on a delicious food tour.

This weekend I joined a food tour in London with Eating London. The 3.5 hour walking tour through London’s East End visited 10 different tasting spots. Starting in Old Spitalfields Market and staying with a few blocks radius of the market & Shoreditch station, we sampled everything from a bacon sandwich (at St. John Bread & Wine) to banana bread pudding (at The English Restaurant)—plus other English food staples such as fish & chips (at Poppies) and an East End classic: a salted beef bagel sandwich at The Beigel Bake.

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By Tanya Scholl

Looking for a drink in a cool place or do you have a case you need solving? With no Sherlock Holmes to help you, there’s a new spot in London to have a cocktail while solving case. Submit a reservation request to Evans & Peel Detective Agency on 310c Earls Court Road in London, and commence your inquiry.

Whether for a date for two or for a group of friends, a reservation has to be made online to guarantee your reservation. A hostess will allow you in, and as you head downstairs; you are then greeted in what could have been Watson’s office to state your case.   Upon being heard, you then can ponder on the feedback, and more importantly, have a drink.

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“Royal babe, indeed!”

Global Correspondent Ivan Quintanilla is an actor, traveler and blogger extraordinaire. Once a week he provides a re-cap of noteworthy travel stories. We pilfer his round-up (with his permission) so you don’t have to. Follow his travels at TravelingIQ.

*Royal babe, indeed!   Refusing to be overshadowed by his future niece or nephew, a mural of a shirtless Prince Harry now permanently hangs in the London gay club, Manbar  (via Evening Standard).

*Not without controversy, “Europe’s first gay-friendly mosque” opened in Paris this week–welcoming gay Muslims and allowing men and women to pray together (via France 24).

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We think some the most delicious and affordable tacos we have had in New York City are at La Esquina. Here’s our write up from this past summer’s inaugural issue of ManAboutWorld, which included a definitive guide to the best of gay New York. Here’s what we wrote about it:

This secretive and chic Mexican brasserie is hidden beneath an ordinary deli on the corner of Kenmare. With your reservation (book three weeks out!) verified by the Men In Black standing guard at a door marked “Employees Only,” you’ll walk down a candle-lit stairway, through the kitchen and into a sexy, brick-walled dungeon. Worth it for the ambience alone, the tacos are affordable and delicious—a rare combination even above ground in NYC.

Now what to do when in London and you have the taco urge?  Our reader and contributor Tanya Scholl steers us to the best place to satisfy the urge for great Mexican cuisine across the pond.

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