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Greece as seen in ManAboutWorld gay travel magazineWhether the talk is #Grexit (Greek exiting the Eurozone) or #Greekment (the new agreement with offered by European leaders to Greece), ManAboutWorld is steadfastly loyal to Greece, a country that has been graciously welcoming visitors for millennia and that has more than a few spots that warmly invite gay travelers (we look to thee Athens, Mykonos, Santorini ….). Whether Grexit or Greekment: We offer our Greek Travel Guide free to all tablet subscribers. We encourage you to visit Greece early and often. It’s a great country!

Greece is just gorgeous and there’s so much history and culture you could visit for weeks on end. And the islands: one more beautiful than the next. The Greeks: so warm and gracious to visitors … and the men. With those beards. Woof.

The banks are still closed and cash machines are running out of cash to visitors will need to think soldiersabout obtaining some euros before heading there. Non-Greek debit and credit cards should be fine, too. But even before this crisis, we found that it was always easier and sometimes cheaper to pay in cash. So get some euros before you go.

Download ManAboutWorld for the iPad or Android tablet and receive our free Greek Travel Guide. The iPhone and Android phone versions don’t have the free Greek guide. You can check out our unique digital-born gay travel magazine for savvy gay travelers by downloading the ManAboutWorldApp on the iTunes App Store or Google Play. We support iPads, Android tablets, iPhones and Android phones. There are a few free guides in all of the apps, and you can click here to register for a FREE three-month subscription. Go on, what are you waiting for!
Photo credits: top: Lorena Torres Angelini via Flickr; right: Peter Macinnis via Flickr

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A red-domed church in Mykonos, as seen in ManAboutWorld, the gay travel magazine

A red-domed church on stunning Mykonos, Greece

Every gay boy knows about Mykonos, which is probably why you don’t hear much about it. It’s almost a cliché to recommend it as a vacation spot. But while you were busy looking for the next gay island paradise, Mykonos evolved, shed its touristy, overexposed skin, and reinvented itself as an island that has only gotten better with age. A new wave of art, culture, and farm-to-table restaurants have swept the island, the clubs are better than ever, and the island itself is timeless beauty, still unmatched by any of those imitators out there.

Click here for access to our insider tips for all 15 destinations!

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15We look toward this New Year with new ambitions and new journeys that beckon us. Fifteen of them, actually on our annual list: The 15 Gay Places To Go In 2015.  The places themselves aren’t gay (one of them still criminalizes homosexuality!) but if you are, this is the ultimate guide to the important, interesting and surprising destinations for the next twelve months. In the current issue, we’ll introduce you to the people, places and things you should know before booking any of them. Are you going? Have you been? Can you match the photos to the list of 15 gay places to go?

Washington, DC
New Orleans
Buenos Aires
St. Augustine, FL
Palm Springs

Continue to the full post to see the matches, and learn one good reason (among many) why each place is on our list of 15 gay places to go in 2015.

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Bill & Coo’s is a Small Luxury Hotels property in Mykonos and for the most part a real gem of a hotel — modern, peaceful and sophisticated. The service is friendly, the beautiful pool inviting and the breakfasts tasty. Whether you stay or not, it’s a lovely spot for a sunset cocktail. The rooms are great with the best ones in terms of views on the side of the hotel closest to town (behind the bar). These views are not obstructed by the electrical wires, which is a surprising and odd feature throughout the island. The trip out to the hotel can be a little stressful with tourists and taxis driving crazily along the curvy streets along dark roads.

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mykonosLocated on the beach of Agios Ioannis (one of the most picturesque beaches on the island where the movie Shirley Valentine was filmed), and just under three miles from Mykonos Town, the Mykonos Grand is close enough to walk home in a pinch but far enough to really escape from the touristy hordes when you need to get away. The staff and clientele, while mostly straight, are very open and gay friendly. The intricate mosaics and hand-carved marble throughout the resort add a touch of elegance, as do the simple décor, infinity edge pool and drop-dead beautiful views. It’s one of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World and a top Conde Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice award recipient.

We covered Mykonos in our June 2013 issue. Click here to subscribe!

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Flickr:  Ricc_HB74

Flickr: Ricc_HB74

We asked Dillon, ManAboutWorld’s talented photo editor, to share a few words about some of his his favorite images from this month’s issue. Here’s what moved him about this image of Mykonos harbor.

When looking at this photograph, it’s hard for me not to envision a scene out of a Julie Delpley movie. One where two young lovers stroll carelessly through an exotic city, frequently happening across charming locations such as this small portside taverna.  It is nestled in a sandy patch of shoreline carved out along the Mykonos harbor, where the narrow hillside streets give way to a vast expanse of water and small motorboats. Conversation is illuminated by a single strand of electric bulb lights, strung up to the mast of an old fishing vessel long since settled ashore. What more perfect setting for a moment in life, one worth re-watching time and time again.

Find lots more fabulous images in our June issue. It’s also packed full of hot summer travel tips.

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We  received some amazing images for our Parting Shots section in the magazine (that’s the last section of ManAboutWorld featuring photos our readers send us based on a theme).

The theme was “Summer Fun.”

The image above was sent to us by Dane Steele, a tour operator (as well as one of our correspondents). This happy-go-lucky group was so pleased to be on the gorgeous island of Mykonos on a Steele Luxury Travel tour that they all playfully jumped for joy for the camera.

Keep checking back this month for the stories behind the Parting Shots.


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