Traveling Gay Dads: Winter Wonderland Vacation in the Colorado Rockies

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DSC_0013Haven Caylor is a ManAboutWorld Global Correspondent, father to two incredibly cute kids and one of our “Gay Traveling Dads.” He and his husband recently took Ammon and Carter to the Colorado Rockies for a family ski vacation.

I almost fell (it would have been worth it) as I looked over my shoulder at Carter and Ammon skiing down behind me on Fairway Run at Copper Mountain on February 7, 2014.  I skied ahead another 20 yards, slowed way down, started a wide turn so they could hear me and yelled up, “Great job, Carter! Great job, Ammon!” I then turned down the hill and couldn’t stop smiling. When we all stopped at the Kokomo Ski Lift, we celebrated with high fives and a group hug. We were so proud! We had another sporting activity we could enjoy as a family.

The Caylor-Browns had a wonderful, winter vacation the first week of February.  The area of Colorado’s Rockies between the Eisenhower tower and the Vail Pass probably got 2 feet of new snow the week we were there, and we stayed busy every day. Four things I highly recommend for families to do are skiing, dog sledding, tubing, and sleigh rides.

If you can ski and you have the time and patience to teach your children, do it and do it at an early age. Toddlers have no fear, and I saw a skier guiding his two–year old while holding him with a harness: AWESOME sight. As a matter of fact, Carter and Ammon were 3 years old when they began to ski.

Neither Sean nor I ski well, so we placed Carter and Ammon in a ski school. The cool thing is that I have taken lessons right beside them. This past winter vacation, Ammon and Carter had a full day of instruction, and they begged to continue when the ski school started closing! We were making curves, traversing, using edges, and not falling.

All four of us loved dog sledding. We highly recommend Good Times Dog Sledding in Breckenridge. When our dog sledding guide asked Carter and Ammon if they wanted to drive the team together, I had serious doubts they could do it: They proved me wrong.  From a snow mobile sleigh in front of them, Sean and I watched Ammon and Carter as they drove 8 Huskies through the snowy woods and mountain trails near Breckenridge.

Most ski resorts have snow tubing, and we enjoyed three days of it at three different locations. Keystone, Copper Mountain, and the Frisco Adventure Park all have great, well-run tubing courses. Keystone’s run is a bit steeper and has an unparalleled, majestic view of the surrounding mountains. Copper Mountain’s enjoyable course is just steps outside of the Copper Station facility, and Frisco has the longest, bumpiest course, but with fresh snow falling continuously for an hour, the course is slower leaving people to walk up and over the last 2 or 3 bumps.

The Keystone-Breckenridge area also has several different opportunities to enjoy sleigh rides. This trip we chose Nordic Sleigh Rides who have a sleigh ride, dinner, and a show. They have beautiful, strong, and well-mannered Belgian Draft Horses. Our horses for the night were Apollo and Atlas. Our show this year was the Dance Hall girl who told several wonderful tales of Breckenridge during the latter part of the 19th century. We also had the pleasure of meeting a wonderful couple, Chris and Rachel, along with their delightful boys, Harrison and Alex. Harrison and Carter struck a friendship immediately and all eight of use thoroughly enjoyed the meal, the show, and the newfound friendship.

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  1. Debbie Farmer

    What wonderful Dad’s giving wonderful children education through adventure!!

  2. Haven

    @Debbie…part of the adventure is meeting AWESOME people like you as we travel!

  3. Jennifer

    Starting adventures at an early age is truly important. What a wonderful way to build confidence. As parents we have to do this in whatever ways we can.

  4. Heather Hanzelik

    This is a remarkable family! These dads are so loving and educate their children so well on many levels. Ammon and Carter got to be athletes, interact with amazing animals, listen to tales of the surrounding area and enjoy family and friends! Sounds like a wonderful winter adventure!

  5. Paul Teixeira

    That sounds like a fantastic trip! I’m glad to hear that they are learning so quickly and doing well. I know being able to ski later in life through school is a very very good thing!

  6. Haven

    Yes, building confidence in learning and sports is so important at a young age, isn’t it? Thank you for your words!

  7. Haven

    Thank you so much for your input, and you’re correct. If it wasn’t for the ski school, neither Carter, Ammon, nor I could have done it. Thanks Keystone Ski & Ride School!

  8. Cheryl holmes

    Thankyou Haven for shaing your holiday with us You & Sean & the children look soo happy & relaxed .I always enjoy the pictures that you post & now you can continue the fun at home with all the snow there Do you always have snow at your place ? Stay safe & god bless you all
    Ps we are in the middle of a heat wave — a bit different to you!!

  9. Haven

    @Cheryl…Sorry you all are so hot! It snowed again here in Chattanooga! Thank you so much for commenting here on the MAW blog.

  10. Pam Allen

    Thank you Haven, for sharing the Wonderful adventures you and your family let us all in on. I love hearing about all the fun things you do and all the great places you go that some of us don’t get to do or see, it’s like reading a good adventure book. Love to you and your family.

  11. Haven

    @Pam…thank you for reading, Dear Lady

  12. Anne Hendrix

    I enjoyed your article about your vacation in the Rockies. It sounds like you all had a fabulous trip. Your kids are so lucky to get to travel and learn about the world in a “hands on” fashion. Miss you all in Kindermusik!

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